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henry crun
10th Dec 2001, 10:43
The 2001 Turner prize of 20,000 UK pounds
has been awarded to an 'artist' for his entry which is an empty room with the lights flickering on and off every few seconds.

While no doubt there will be some who will spend many happy hours philisophising about the deep significance of this work, (I use the term with some reservations) I reckon modern artists are literally laughing all the way to the bank and at the gullibility of the the idiots who are taken in by this rubbish.

It is apparent that these days any collection of everyday bits and pieces, animals, private underclothes,etc, etc, can be thrown together and Voila, there is latest masterpiece.

Maybe next year I should enter my bedroom after a hard days night .

Dave Incognito
10th Dec 2001, 12:02
The flickering light really looks like a master piece when compared to some of his other work. This includes a scrunched up piece of paper, and another which is some blue-tac stuck on a wall.

If these qualify as art then I should really get those Turner people over to see my study. :D

The bloke even said it had no meaning, it was just a light going on and off. Who would have guessed it? :rolleyes:

tony draper
10th Dec 2001, 15:23
Hitler had the right idea re those phoney bastiges,they're just taking the **** , and the luvies fall for it. :(
PS, Anybody watch that arts review prog after newsnight on a friday, that Tom Paulin has taken over from Germain Greer as the most pretensious, pompous, long winded blather spouting arty farty luvie of the decade. :(

gravity victim
10th Dec 2001, 15:30
I will shortly be giving, at home, a limited-entry world premiere viewing of my new artistic masterpiece; " Christmas Tree Lights With Dodgy Transformer."

Sir Nicholas Serota writes: " A stunning exploration of the interface where nature meets science; the flickering of the lights against the branches encapulates our fundamental unease at the invasion of our technological society of the made, into that of the created; indeed the constant shedding of needles by this artfully low-grade tree can almost be taken as weeping, as a silent cry of anguish as it begs for release from its imprisonment, yet knowing of its inevitable fate, to finally join its brothers of the past three years behind the garden shed"...etc etc

10th Dec 2001, 18:02
Beet y'a too it Henry!!!! :D

.....Modern Art..... :rolleyes:

11th Dec 2001, 01:41
The artist, if you can call him that, though I believe some of his other work is more traditional, has no idea of any meaning deep or otherwise.

However, the man brought in to defend this decision says that's only because the artist hasn't articulated his inner meaning. So that's okay.

Personally, I think the Turner Prize is just awarded to the Artist who manages to make something the Judges think will outrage the public most and, of course, create the maximum media attention.

11th Dec 2001, 03:58
I suspect you're absolutely spot on, Vel.

While we're on the subject of media attention, does anyone wonder whether that was also behind Collins' Dictionaries including "Delia" in their latest pathetic offering?