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30th Nov 2003, 00:06
Went back to Waddington for the first time in an awful long time last week, noticed that the Vulcan has been moved over to the far side of the airfield from it's previous position.

Is this ominous? Apologies if it's been there for some time, but I just wondered if this means it is on the way out.

30th Nov 2003, 02:10
Last rumour I heard was it was moved there for inclusion in a new museum on the station...

30th Nov 2003, 02:21
Regrettably that would seem somewhat porcovolant...

30th Nov 2003, 23:48
OK Mr Beags,

I'll bite. What do you consider to be of flying pig status, the idea of a museum at Waddington?
Why else move the old Vulcoon, the scrapman cometh?

30th Nov 2003, 23:57
I just can't see the cash-starved RAF paying for a museum. I suspect that the Vulcan has been moved to save money as if it quietly rots away out of sight, it will be less of an embarassment to the "We can't afford it" brigade than if it was standing in full view of everyone entering and leaving the station.

Bloody disgrace if I'm correct.....

1st Dec 2003, 00:35

Hard to contest your logic there. Another of the long line of RAF gate guards to face the chop. Isn't this particular tin triangle of rather special Black Buck fame?

Grob Driver
1st Dec 2003, 06:25
Pr00ne… I can answer your question as to why she was moved… They needed the space she occupied for a new building!

I have it on good authority that there are no plans to scrap the 607, in fact there is talk about caring out some fairly substantial work on the old girl, although I have no idea what that will consist of. She certainly needs a good dose of sealant around the windows… Leaks water in the cockpit like there is no tomorrow!

She spent a long time (after moving her) between two of the hangars… I don’t know where the final resting place will be, but there are plans afoot to find a home for her somewhere on the base.

Hope that helps.

Grob driver

The Swinging Monkey
1st Dec 2003, 15:03
I can concur what the Grob driver says.
I know the chaps behind the 'restoration' of 607, and it will be done very much on a 'self help' basis, with a great deal of begging, pleading, and the odd bit of 'wheeling & dealing'
Have no fear, 607 is NOT destined for the scrap man. Indeed, I have it on very good authority from an ex 'Harry' that 607 will be kept. (because of the raids on Stanley)
She was moved from her original location because of an urgent requirement to build and was then moved between 3 & 4 hangars. Whilst there, she was examined by the team at Waddo, and on completion of that was eventually located in Alpha dispersal. I suspect that the move to the other side is simply to free up much-needed space in Alpha.

Can't wait to see how she turns out - if it's anything like 23's F-4, she will look great. Bruntingthorpe - I hope you are reading this!!

Regards to all

The Swinging Monkey
'Caruthers, time for I grouse I suspect old boy!'

1st Dec 2003, 15:58
Indeed , 23's Phantom is excellent, however, it would be nice to be able to get a photograph of it as its always used as a :mad: ing cockpit photo mount at the annual air show. Leave it alone and stick it somewhere decent in the static! Same for 607 as well, it would be great to get some clear static shots of her!!

I havent been to waddo since August - is the Vulcan "shootable" from the road??

2nd Dec 2003, 04:06
I specifically asked the question about scrapping to the CRO:

DEFINITELY NOT! It has not helped in the last few years by moving it around for the Airshows and since it's permanent site was built on, it has been towed around from pillar to post. It is finally going to have a new permanent site on the A15 side of the airfield. It will have a proper hardstanding somewhere near the WAVE, so it can be seen from the road. Hope this will reassure anyone else that has been worried - I remember the one at St Athan disappeared overnight!


Jacqui Wheeler

Any questions?

FJJP. Just added a missing [ on the quote. Looks right now.

2nd Dec 2003, 12:18
Just because its left out in the rain doesn't mean it has to rot quietly away.

I'm amazed that anyone connected with leaving an aeroplane on outside display has never heard of the many highly effective corrosion protection compounds that are available on the market. Actually, the only thing holding a good many commercial airliners together is a thick layer of Boeshield.

Through difficulties to the cinema

2nd Dec 2003, 18:00
Good to hear that correction from the Waddo CRO!

Sorry - it was deliberate fishing on my behalf; thanks to those of you who nibbled the bait and did some research. I'd hate to think that such a famous ac would have a less than glorious end and the idea of a permanent site near the WAVE is excellent.

There was a rare Vulcan B2MRR (PC redesignation of the Vulcan SR2 to hide its role) at Abingdon. Sent there to provide a static exhibit for the BoB At Home days, it too fell foul of the penny-pinchers and was destroyed on site for scrap.... :(

2nd Dec 2003, 18:02

...and I serviced her at her last Bitteswell visit.

A crying shame, another piece of history consigned to the bin.

2nd Dec 2003, 20:19
I remember the Abingdon Vulcan well, she stood eventually in the far north eastern corner of the airfield near the ATC hut, unfortunately that corner of the field has a far more unwelcome neighbour in 'Whitecross metals'. I had always felt that parking a redundant aircraft with 100yds of a scrap dealers breakers yard was like putting a fox in the chicken coup. I believe same dealer tendered and got the early Nimrods that were 'dumped' on the base mid eighties.
There was for some time a fuselage section of either swift , early Hunter or something of that ilk lying in the grass and undergrowth near the ATC hut for years, many a time threatened to nip through the fence and give it a positive ID and one day there it was gone.
Abingdon was a bit of a dumping ground at one time, particularly with the Ex BA VC10's in their plastic bags.