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10th Dec 2001, 01:56
Are there any fans of The Stranglers frequenting the boards? If there are i have a question to ask you.......

10th Dec 2001, 02:07
Walk on by! Something better change, all day and all of the night, or there'll be no mercy (although there's always the sun and you could become golden brown but it'll only be skin deep).

Weren't they big in America? Or nice in Nice? Or was it a european female, that strange little girl or Duchess?

No more heroes, peaches.....

Sorry, any fans of which group? Never heard of 'em :D

11th Dec 2001, 03:34
Apart from you, me and Skycop, I seem to remember another MIB is VFE.
Did anyone go to the Convention in September???
I'd love to have gone but Mrs Eagle was due to give birth that weekend, and it seemed a bit rude to abandon her in the delivery unit.
I hear there's a new acoustic album out any day now, but only available from the Stranglers website.
So what's the question ??? :confused: :)

11th Dec 2001, 03:56
Didn't they do the tracks for the "Keith on Food" programs. Horrible music. Suited the show, somehow.

11th Dec 2001, 04:16
I`ve been doing a little trading of live tapes, and was wondering if anyone else on here has any live stuff they would consider doing trades for?

11th Dec 2001, 07:00
I've got a few old bootlegs from the early 80s but the recording quality is so awful I haven't listened to them for years.
I did once have a great tape of the Rainbow gig 3 days after the band were released from prison in Nice (the boys were on fire that night), but I lent it to a mate who moved house and lost it in the move.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

What sort of thing are you looking for?

11th Dec 2001, 17:47
Anything i havent got basically! Can send you a list of what i have if youre interested.

11th Dec 2001, 19:49

I have about 25 bootleg recordings of various gigs of The Stranglers dating from '76-'95 plus the odd demo recordings

drop me an email if you want. and I'll give you a list of the ones that I have.