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tony draper
10th Dec 2001, 00:25
I love maps.

Sven Sixtoo
10th Dec 2001, 00:29
Are you as bored as I am right now?

henry crun
10th Dec 2001, 00:47
What takes your fancy Mr D. Topographical, road, nautical, lands & survey, plotting, astronomical ?.

tony draper
10th Dec 2001, 00:51
All maps ,don't make no nevermind.

Bally Heck
10th Dec 2001, 00:55
But nautical and astronomical are charts Mr Crun.

I'm a Lamberts conformal man myself.

Gash Handlin
10th Dec 2001, 00:56
just played with a 1:15000 Orienteering map today, it was fantastic had every little knoll and bump in the ground marked on it, must have taken a hell of a patient person to survey and plot it all

10th Dec 2001, 00:58
Thanks to a wonderful mother (dad died when I was small) I have always adored books. I would be read to when tiny, then was allowed "reading time" before mom put my light out when older. After lights-out I would read with torch under bedclothes ... and occasionally would be caught! Reading book would be confiscated along with torch. I always had several torches concealed about my bedroom so no problem with light source but...the one book my mother never removed was MY ATLAS!!!! so at the tender age of 9 or so I could tell you the capital city of almost everywhere on earth ... could point to the TienShan mountains in an instant and ...need I go on? Ever since I have loved maps, old ones, new ones, aviation ones .... there is something magical about em :) Scanning parts of England and finding villages with similar names in a locale which gives em historial context ... giggling at some placenames in America ... when I have nothing to read, even now, when heading to a relaxing bubble bath I can be caught with an atlas hehehehhe


tony draper
10th Dec 2001, 01:07
Funny thing, I love maps, but I hate em in books, we were discusing Lord Of The Rings,on another forum and I have it in hard back, they have pull out maps of Middle earth and I felt obliged to keep stopping reading and see where the plot had got, on the bloody maps, very irritating, took me long enough to read them as it was. :(

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henry crun
10th Dec 2001, 01:28
I am well aware of that Mr Heck, but under a general heading in JB I feel such indescretions are allowed. :)

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tony draper
10th Dec 2001, 01:46
When Draper was a lad he went away to sea, and travelled the world over, one was young and foolish, kept no diary and took few photo's.
When my old dad died a few years back, I looked in his old army chest, and there was a large world map, and he had carefully marked in red ink the tracks of my voyages, he had been at sea himself during the war ,although he was in the army, he had been asigned to merchant ships to man the guns,the Dems they were called.
You could send in shipping requests to local papers then, and they used to publish all the requested vessels movements.
So Drapers got some kind of record of his youth. ;)

pax anglia
10th Dec 2001, 01:53
At long last I've found some fellow sufferers!My Favourites file bulges with Map and Imaging sites which are a source of enduring interest.If you are interested in your own patch in days of yore,have a look at Old Maps (http://www.old-maps.co.uk).Similarly,you may wish to consider treating yourself to "England:the Photograhic Atlas".This mighty tome is published by Harper Collins and is all the Aerial Survey Photography carried out by Getmapping.com for the Millenium Mapping Project.It is a truly magnificent book and extremely heavy!
I now have to mention the vulgar subject of cost.Unfortunately it is listed at 99!Shop around and you will find it slightly less expensive eg The Times Bookshop has it listed at 79 + 1.95 p+p.
Go on treat yourself!

tony draper
10th Dec 2001, 02:00
Aha! to late Mr A,Draper has all the old ordinance survey maps of his town and area,and copies of Thomas Moules County maps.
I've surfed the web endlessly for downloadable satellite images of the North of England, alas to no avail. :(

10th Dec 2001, 02:38
Maps is it?

I prefer charts, the posh name for maps (not that I`m posh mind)

I`m a mercator projection chap myself but I have used Lamberts Conical Ortho whatnot charts before now specially those ICAO half mil ones for when I used to drive Cherokees about.

All maps are good though. I like the ones with "here be dragons" inscribed in the corner and "terra incognita" on really crinkly parchment. Failing that, the London Underground map provides hours of amusement if one is playing Mornington Crescent!

I win.

tony draper
10th Dec 2001, 02:47
SSSH!, Don't tell anyone but Draper has a map showing the whereabouts of the lost Peacock Throne. ;)

10th Dec 2001, 05:51
Ah the Iranian thingy. Located right next to the Amber Room, I believe.

10th Dec 2001, 22:15
I've surfed the web endlessly for downloadable satellite images of the North of England, alas to no avail.
Try www.globexplorer.com (http://www.globexplorer.com) - select image viewer then navigate/zoom. You can drill down to house level for most places.

brown trousers
11th Dec 2001, 00:42

Is it me or is this thread just a long list of people who have yet to discover porn? :D


..the minds as dirty as the trousers :)

tony draper
11th Dec 2001, 01:41
Great site PT, think I've come across it before it only seems to cover the USA.
Found a few image sites but they all want you to be forthcoming with coin before you can access the images.

Mr BT continue with your hobby and you will need braille maps. ;)

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11th Dec 2001, 02:54
TD. You have to navigate (h)away from the continent of N.America (which it thinks is the centre of the world) on the first image. Click the 'East' border until Europe appears, then recentre and zoom in. It covers the world including Newcastle, although I notice it does not name it on the accompanying maps. Gateshead yes, even Wrekenton but no Newcastle - but then those who need to know where it is already do.