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28th Nov 2003, 23:01
After finishing the PPL and building the required hours does it matter whether or not you do the ATPL exams next or go for the CPL/IR first?

Is it possible to do them in either order?

IF so does anyone have any advantages/disadvantages over which order is better?


28th Nov 2003, 23:57
I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong....

Before starting a CPL you have to demonstrate the required knowledge, which you achieve by passing the CPL or ATPL theory exams. If you do the CPL theory then before doing the IR you have to pass another set of exams. However the ATPL theory covers both CPL and IR. You don't have a choice about wether to do the theory before or after the CPL. You need the theory first.


29th Nov 2003, 18:57
After PPL and some hours you MUST do the theory first.

Don't waste your time with CPL theory, for not much more effort get all of the ATPL exams done then its out of the way.

29th Nov 2003, 23:14
There's a caveat: You must obtain the IR within a couple (few?) years of passing the ATPL theory or the theory credits lapse. Once an IR is gained the ATPL theory remains valid for 7 (?) years after the last the IR renewal. Not sure if there's a requirement to hold the CPL as well.

Your options are:

1. Do the CPL & IR theory (any order). Then the relevant training & flight tests for the CPL licence & for the IR. At some point return to the classroom to do the ATPL theory.

2. Do the ATPL theory. Then the relevent training & flight tests for the CPL & IR. Make damn sure you get the IR within the required period post-ATPL exams.

High Wing Drifter
30th Nov 2003, 00:53
You can start IR training before the ATPLs are complete and prior to the CPL so long as you have a multi and night rating. You just won't be able to do the IR test until the ATPLs are complete. As mentioned above, you must have the hours and ATPLs before starting CPL training.

If you do the CPL first you get 5 hours off of the IR. If you do the IR first you get 10 hours off of the CPL.

See LASORS for details.

1st Dec 2003, 00:17
Summary of LASORS section D & J state :-

Once you have passed ALL the ATPL exams you have 36 months in which you must obtain either a CPL or IR to keep your ATPL exam passes valid.

Then providing you obtain an IR within this period (36 months) the ATPL exams are valid for a period of 7 years from the date of your last IR renewal.

By which time the system will have changed again!

I STRONGLY recommend you do the theory first (ATPL) & get it done. There is no point in going spending thousands on your IR if you can't pass the theory exams.

I would NOT mix CPL/IR flying and theory, you are putting yourself under more stress, even integrated courses don't seem to do this anymore.

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