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Mirkin About
8th Dec 2001, 14:15
I wanted a Vertibird helicopter. They have just been re-released under a different name and after 21 years I have one to whir around in the family room (no kids here but me) :D

What did other PPRuners want for their tenth Xmas?

tony draper
8th Dec 2001, 14:50
A clockwork model of the Nautilus, from 20,000 leagues under the sea, got one too,
It would probably be worth a fortune now but alas, she went down with all hands in Saltwell Park lake. :(
PS, also got a Frog, model of a P51 with lacky band power plant that year, can't recal what became of that , probably another much sort after collectors item now.
Draper did well that year.

Tin Kicker
8th Dec 2001, 15:26
I had a Vertibird when I was about eight - great to hear it's been relaunched. Does it still come with the strip of roadway, a roadblock and a bandit car with an 'easy pickup' hook on it? :D :D :D

Mirkin About
8th Dec 2001, 15:43
Better, comes with a bandit car , police car , the road block , a "pseudo"concrete roadblock , a horse and a motorbike all with "easy hookup" loops , but many of them are too light to hover over for too long or they get blown to *******. The road has been replaced by a playmat and some cardboard buildings are in there too for those rooftop landings. Plus they have added a switchable (thankfully)sound chip with "real" helicopter noises.
The safetycrats have replaced the vertibirds two rubber tipped blades with an enclosed three bladed head .
The original vertibird is inoperative and still under mum and dads house,might try a rotor swap :D :D :D

I have a dim memory of some kind of toy which involved landing an aircraft on a carrier deck by sliding it down string or am I making it up? , my UK memories are a little hazy.

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8th Dec 2001, 19:55
I got a model of a light twin (sort of looked like a Seneca) with a handle and trigger that you pulled to make the props go round. Also had a sliding switch to work the retractable undercarrage. Sounds so good I want one now!
Guesse what I really wanted though was something that actually flew! Oh well, got one of those now though (not my own, sadly!)

8th Dec 2001, 23:31
Murkin About...

I think you're refering to "FLIGHT DECK!". It had a plastic model of a Royal Navy F4 that "flew" down a length of fishing line. One end was attached to the flight deck you were supposed to land (looks kinda small doesn't it?) and the other to the top of a small control column.

My best mate got one the year I was 10... I had really neat model of a VC10. Wish I could remember what happened to it.

Rgds BEX

9th Dec 2001, 01:27
Not sure what I wanted when I was ten but a couple of years later. I wanted an Airfix 1/24th scale Spitfire 1A costing 2.50. I used to fervently wish for that every day. A year or so later I was fervently wishing for something else entirely, of a more earthy nature. Come to think of it, still do.

At ten I think I wanted to a 'Johnny Seven' multiple capability toy gun. It fired rockets, bullets and for all I remember nuclear missiles and most importantly was green, red and had a realistic maching gun sound. I didn't get it though. Santa let me down. I do remember getting a great white hunter dress up kit. 'Jungle Jack' complete with plastic solar topee, a toy hunting rifle which ejected real brass cases with a 'realistic' richocet sound. Not very PC, but a hell of a lot of fun.

9th Dec 2001, 02:33
I wanted (still do want) a "Mr Frosty"... apparently my parents went to the ends of the earth to find me one, but it was not forthcoming... :mad: :p

9th Dec 2001, 04:17
Still got "Flight Deck" from all those years back. Still as hard to get the bl**dy F4 on the deck and get the little flags to go up! Can't remember if I was ten or not when I got it though...age dulls the memory!

Feeton Terrafirma
9th Dec 2001, 13:59
I remember I most wanted a slot car set. I was desperate for one, cos my mate had one and he was better at it than me, and I needed more practice.

And when I went over there he always got the fast car too.

9th Dec 2001, 15:16

try going to an Argos store, they always have them listed in the toy section.

I can't remember what I wanted when I was 10, I think that was the year I got my pool table, I still have it in fact, it's a little bit scratched with the woodwork at the side, and I still have to mess around with stuffing magazines and fiddling about with the spirit level to make sure it's level, but it's still great to play on it :)

Joe Bolt
9th Dec 2001, 20:59
I always wanted an 'Action Man' but my mum said that action men were dolls, and dolls were for girls. I never got one.

10th Dec 2001, 00:56
i don't remember what i wanted when i was 10
will have to clear out some brain cobwebs and think about that.
but i do remember when i was little i wanted a cabbage patch kid. there was a time when every girl in my class but me had one. they would bring them to school. one girl even had hers wear clothes that matched what she was wearing!
but my mum said she thought they were ugly and i never got one :(

tony draper
10th Dec 2001, 01:16
Ah! that explains it Miss D see, you are subconciously, punishing yourself for this traumatic event in your childhood,that why you keep hiding your knickers and claiming they have been stolen.
That will be two hundred pounds please.
Next!!!. ;)

Mirkin About
10th Dec 2001, 05:35
Had Ricochet Racers as well , essentially a large gun that shot cars along the floor at a great rate of knots , can't see that one being safe enough or pc enough for todays kids. I am still waiting for Inaction Man :D

10th Dec 2001, 05:47
About that time it would have been a Tommy Steele ( plastic) guitar

10th Dec 2001, 20:57
This would have been Christmas 1965. As I was completely totally and utterly obsessed with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, I can only imagine it would have been whichever albums I hadn't already got.

10th Dec 2001, 21:47
Since you mentioned gifts that aren't PC, when I was 10, I wanted a pellet gun. after taking all of the shooting trophies at camp, my father bought me one for Christmas. I still have it and it works like its brand new

bubba zanetti
10th Dec 2001, 21:49
Ahh a topic near and dear to my heart.

In 1964 I had a most memorable Christmas ... I got a Scalectrix race car set from Santa ... with Vanwall racers ... still have it .. hmm may have to get it out. The same year I got a beautiful functioning steam engine from me ma and pa, with a govenor and a table saw to cut balsa. Yes I still have that as well. Not finished yet ... I also received a robot called Mr. Mercury from my aunte and uncle ... all metal with a remote control ...walked ... arms moved ... bend at the waist ..very wonderful toy made by Marx and yes, I still regularly play with him ... on ebay Mr. Mercury fetches some big money ... still have the box too !
That was quite the Christmas ... never topped ... pure magic ... and it even snowed ! One of two white Christamas' I ever had .... sigh ... I was spoiled .. hehe ! :D

Bio Warrior
11th Dec 2001, 08:39
Bio wanted a pony

11th Dec 2001, 16:03
I loved my Johnny Seven, but also had Johnny Astro which was a ground based fan which you used to try and land a balloon onto a lunar surface.

I always wanted (but never got :( ) Trik Trak (sp?) which was powered cars going round a track which just consisted of the corners (ie the carpet was the straight part of the track) so it could be as long as you liked.

My ten year old nephew this year is getting a PC more powerful than mine - eeeh the youth of today - don't know they're born!

Mirkin About
13th Dec 2001, 13:09
Last Christmas got me the largest slot car set AFX make comes withe 115ft of track YEEHAR. Since turning thirty I think I've begun to regress :D :D

15th Dec 2001, 00:55
Eric, I always wanted trik trak? too, but never got it, we were poor. At least you got a Johnny seven.
I did get Meccano one year, I built a lots of cranes with it. Very easy to build. I looked at the pictures of aeroplanes in the sample book but could never build one. Proof as if it was needed that future lay in flying the things rather than being an Engineer.
I wish I was ten now, they've invented all the toys I wanted as a child. Invented by people like me no doubt.

tony draper
15th Dec 2001, 01:00
You lot must have been a right lot of little Nigels, still got all your toys, mine tended to be dismantled a few hours after I got them.
Hmmm, one must have been a bit of a engineer even then, although thats not what my father would call me at the time. ;)

Tin Kicker
16th Dec 2001, 23:06
Flight Deck -- now that brings back memories. Memories of rigging the thing up in the garden with dark blue plastic joystick, two-piece card & placky "aircraft carrier" and about 500 miles of fishing line.

Ended up disconnecting the F4 from the whole shebang and playing with it as a separate fighter. Much more amusing. :D

Tin Kicker
16th Dec 2001, 23:10
...and what about "Stock Car Smash Up" ?

There were these four banger-racers you could get, all with detachable doors, bonnets, boot, etc, and with built-in gyroscope motors -- you'd feed a plastic toothed strap down through the top of the car, yank it out, and away she'd go...bang, down the stairs, against the wall, total carnage and...

...and I'll just go and pick up my reputation, ahem. :rolleyes:

Joe Bolt
17th Dec 2001, 01:18
Tin Kicker. Ah yes, Stock Car Smash Up. An absolutely fantastic toy. However, the downside was that my mother used to get terribly cross when I would race one across the tiled kitchen floor, only for it to crash into her ankle! "But Mum, it goes much faster in the kitchen!"

Also, the toothed strap made an excellent whip for attacking one's sister with; but, erm, well, that's another story.

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