View Full Version : No Licence Flying

27th Nov 2003, 16:17
At the very light end of flying we have the foot launched brigade. Great fun for an evenings fly and totally unregulated. No licence or training legally required and we have a few at our airfield. The problem was one of them revealed he had been flying over the local town and when we pointed out the restrictions of the ANO he replied "Whats an ANO?"
I wonder how long it will be before one of these causes a major problem.

Dan Kelly
27th Nov 2003, 16:28
Perhaps being pedantic but ANOs went out years ago in favour of CAOs. This might explain the answer given? :E

27th Nov 2003, 17:35
Perhaps being pedandic Dan but that statement would surprise a few Maintenance people.

28th Nov 2003, 22:22

So would the terms unservicibility/defect in some parts of Australia

BTW some CAOs still refer to ANO's, AFIZ etc, its not only the LAME's.....