View Full Version : What do you want for Xmas?

7th Dec 2001, 22:26
My wish list is full, so I was wondering what`s on the lists of fellow ppruners.

Nil nos tremefacit
7th Dec 2001, 23:18
So the Norse God of mischief is asking a bunch of, mostly, lapsed Christians what gifts they would like to celebrate the birth of the Jewish Messiah, the date of which is fixed at or near the start of the pagan festival of Saturnalia!

I would like Santa Claus to make life less confusing for me..... :rolleyes:

tony draper
7th Dec 2001, 23:31
A Mig 21. ;)

gravity victim
7th Dec 2001, 23:40
Another Mig 21, to dive on Draper out of the sun with and wax his tail. Oh, and maybe Kate Winslet to help me in/out of my g-suit.

PS I think the Guvnor might want a Scottish transatlantic airline - but that may be taking fantasy too far ;)

7th Dec 2001, 23:44
no contest. a Hunter 9, the top end of Qatar for the afternoon, and all my old mates to join in again.one last time.......

tony draper
8th Dec 2001, 00:01
You will have to do some low level flying Mr Gravity, Draper's Mig 21 is to sit in the front garden, Draper will just sit in it and play pretendies, and wash and polish it on a sunday morning of course. ;)

8th Dec 2001, 00:28
But which version Mr D

Would you prefer the dainty looking Mig 21D,
or perhaps the PMF which looks a bit butch?

bubba zanetti
8th Dec 2001, 00:29
Just ordered it for myself ... 50th Anniversary Vulcan Bomber calandar .... thanks to Mr. Draper ... bubba has an unquenchable lust for that delta winged work of art ... any and all things Vulcan ... and an altimeter ... given all the mountain roads around here and the fact I can no longer afford real aviation ... it would help maintain a semblance of pilothood. A little IFR on the Sea to Sky Highway near here ... hmmm ... not a bad plan ... :eek:

tony draper
8th Dec 2001, 01:04
Told you once before Mr Zanetti, there's a Vulcan sitting in a field just outside Sunderland.
Those silly Macums don't realise what it is, when they walk past they hiss at it, and make the sign of the evil eye.
We could dismantle it a nut and bolt at a time, don't have room for it at Draper Towers,so you will have to take it home with you, still mostly empy space Canada, I hear. ;)

8th Dec 2001, 02:00
Two fwont teef.

8th Dec 2001, 02:44
An F117 - or a Mosquito

Otherwise, realistically? Some decent cigars ;)

8th Dec 2001, 02:50
I want 7 passes in the JAR exams in January, do you think Santa is an examiner at the CAA?

Alternatively,maybe some of you wouldlike to make someonelses Christmas a bit nicer by clicking on this link:
NSPCC Donate for Free webpage (http://www.nspcc.org.uk/donate-4-free/donate-mainhome.asp)

8th Dec 2001, 06:44
A day off.

8th Dec 2001, 06:55
Or the loan of an elf or two to assist me with the pile of work currently obscuring my desk. If I sit up really really straight I can almost see over the top of it all.

I can hear the phone ringing from time to time but can't find it to answer my calls.

I have managed to get the work down to the level where the top third of the monitor screen is visible but after that I just have to guess at what I'm trypgn dna hhve no dea wwht is ajoohdax dj hjs klkjhd s.

jejn snjlkjs hdiunm sh jae qookj sxnk!!! Kn llamk!


8th Dec 2001, 12:13
I just want to spend the whole day with my girlfriend, no interruptions.

8th Dec 2001, 13:04
I just want Tamara

Not to much to ask you would think...........

8th Dec 2001, 16:25
There's only one thin that I want fu christmas... :D

A bloke that I knew a few ages ago decided to change his name to Christmas. He figured it described his circumstances perfectly when he said ... Christmas only cums once a year... :eek:

8th Dec 2001, 17:38
Peace on earth.

However, I know that's not possible.

So, I'll settle for being with the family over the holidays and that could be tough as well as flights are hammered from any of five departure airports, con-wise.

The Guvnor
8th Dec 2001, 18:59
Well, I'd really like a Scottish transatlantic scheduled airline, but I think that's pushing the realms of reality a bit far at the present time.

So I'll settle for four L1011s and squillions of dollars to operate them with. ;)

8th Dec 2001, 19:16
Blue Diamond, your wish is granted. Thank me later.

Me, I'd like peace between Christian and Muslim, or the hairline and waistline I had ten years ago.

"....Umm, just run that thing about the Christians and Muslims past me again?"


8th Dec 2001, 19:18
Your wish could be granted, lol......
If only Tamara could post herself to you... ;)

8th Dec 2001, 20:02
A job sitting in something that burns kerosene and gets me a salery! :D
And a Yak 52 ;)
And an X-Type Jag :D
Alright then...an unbrellor? :rolleyes:

8th Dec 2001, 21:23
Well I just spoke to Santa - he asked me what do I want for Christmas

"Destiny's Child" , Says I

"OK", replies Santa, writing on his list, "One Destiny's Child CD..."

"No", I interrupted - "Destiny's Child !"

Ahhh, if only....

8th Dec 2001, 21:23
Sandra Bullock, dressed in little else but stockings and suspenders, wiggling on my face as we lay in the bed of my G5, halfway across the Pacific, en-route Hawaii.

Oh yeah; the G5's got hardpoing with 6 AIM-120s on just in case someone disturbs our shagging.

Do you think I should downgrade the weapons to make it a little realistic?

Mmmmmmmm, Sandraaaaaa :D

8th Dec 2001, 22:20
Note for Mr Draper.
If you can get to San Diego and get in touch with a Reg Finch (was on squadron with him) he could show you his Mig 21 and answer questions I'm sure.
Wish I could have done as well since Air Force days to afford one.

8th Dec 2001, 22:25
Ref note to Mr Draper.
Sorry forgot the web address in my post. http://www.sdinsider.com/community/groups/flightmuseum/Newsletter.html :rolleyes:

9th Dec 2001, 08:07

I'm looking for a self-addressed first class ticket to send you. Not much luck yet thou :(

And Mr Draper, if you get your butt to ADL (in Oztralia) you can go for a ride in a little old Mig. They call it joy flights, but it can scare the sh|t outaya too :D

9th Dec 2001, 09:44
Recover - Been there, done that and got the stains on the t-shirt to prove it... http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/mica/WBsonic.gif


9th Dec 2001, 15:35
A shag, my curlew is getting very lonely.......

9th Dec 2001, 20:56
Little Johnny went to his mother demanding a new bicycle. His mother decided that he should take a look at himself and
the way he acts. She said, "Well Johnny, it isn't Christmas and we don't have the money to just go out and buy you anything you want. So why don't you write a letter to Jesus and pray for one instead."

After his temper tantrum his mother sent him to his room. He finally sat down to write a letter to Jesus.

Dear Jesus,

I've been a good boy this year and would appreciate a new bicycle.

Your Friend,

Now Johnny knew that Jesus really knew what kind of boy he was (a brat), so he ripped up the letter and decided to give it another try.

Dear Jesus,

I've been an OK boy this year and I want a new bicycle.

Yours truly,

Well, Johnny knew this wasn't totally honest so he tore it up and tried again.

Dear Jesus,

I've thought about being a good boy this year and can I have
a bicycle?


Well Johnny looked deep down in his heart, which by the way was what his mother really wanted. He knew he had been terrible and was deserving of almost nothing. He crumpled up
the letter, threw it in the trash can and went running out of the house. He aimlessly wandered about depressed because of the way he treated his parents and really
considered his actions. He finally found himself in front of a Catholic church. Johnny went inside and knelt down, looking around, not knowing what he should really do.

Johnny finally got up and began to walk out the door and was looking at all the statues. All of a sudden he grabbed a statue of the Virgin Mary and ran out the door.

He went home, hit the statue under his bed and wrote this letter:


I've got your mama. If you ever want to see her again, give
me a bike.

You know who

9th Dec 2001, 23:54
Be at home.

10th Dec 2001, 04:20
A day with my wife's best friend. Without Interruption

10th Dec 2001, 08:06
A hand picked pair of Balinese Temple Maidens.

And a box of Mars Bars.

Min, would a friendly email help? ;)

10th Dec 2001, 13:40
Tam would like lol to know that she'd really love to be with him at any time, not just Christmas. :p :p :p

10th Dec 2001, 16:39
The big pressie was finally approved at the weekend (aren't parents wonderful?) so I can't really ask for more.

To be greedy though, one of Rigby & Peller's made to measure corsets would be cool, and a certain someone to lace me into it!

Margaret Thatcher
12th Dec 2001, 12:20
A genuine multi-user line-Pilot Voodoo Doll.

And a really big pair of Pliers.

12th Dec 2001, 21:20
Might as well be honest, a truckload full of money.
The new Euro kind would be fine.
With it more than one fantasy could be bought.


You all have an excellent and safe one.

13th Dec 2001, 00:33
A dinosaur!

Send Clowns
13th Dec 2001, 15:07
Ah, Bigglesworth you will envy my father. Looks like he will be getting 1/7th of a Yak-52 from my mum. And Bubba - he used to be a Vulcan pilot so you'll think him a lucky swine too (I know I do).

Flypuppy - if you can pay me 25 per hour I could make your wish come true! Happy to teach most subjects, though Nav and Radio Nav are particular favourites.

As for myself, I wish Christmas would go away this year. No wish to be a scrooge, usually enjoy it, but it is interfering with me getting on with teaching, so I am not getting paid :(

tony draper
13th Dec 2001, 16:17
Bubba will be sending requests for your dads autograph now, Mr C. ;)