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7th Dec 2001, 13:55
If you asked JAR why we need to know the following would they have an answer... I think not.

Why the fock.. do we have to learn this ****

1. Liquid swash in the compass.
2. The entire history of ICAO and CAA and JAA.
3. The entire machinics of a a/c when air law states we can't touch it anyway!
4. Mesophere, Ionsphere... when we are never gonna fly in them.
5. Every single instrument on a 737 when you wanna fly a learjet
6. Emgengecy procedures when really if you are in a MAYDAY situation are you really
going to follow these HELL NO.. you would just think FOCK THIS... and do whatever
the fock you like.

This is the kinda **** I have encountered so far...

Anyone else got anything to add to the list.

I am so PISSED off with JAR, why dont they make the silabus so that we learn
what we really need to know, instead of all this useless information.

Margaret Thatcher
7th Dec 2001, 16:14

Just Another Regulation.

Written by germans and translated into English by Italians using an american English dictionary.

The EU has its limitations........

7th Dec 2001, 23:08
IMHO, JAR missed a great opportunity to make the ATPL relevant and useful. However, while a small fraction is useful as usual, a heck of a lot of it isn't.
ALthough, the funny thing with education you just never know when you'll need that obscure fact.
Still, no sense in wasting time and effort complaining about it. Just cop it sweet, learn it, pass it and then worry about the rest of it.

8th Dec 2001, 02:45
Agree with Redsnail, the JAR system has missed, massively, the opportunity to make the learning and examination process much more relevant for commercial pilots.

The old UK CAA exams were fairly irrelevant for example 3 drift winds, and lo and behold what reappears in the JAR exams....?

You just have to ask yourself who makes up some these questions though.

8th Dec 2001, 02:51
Sorta agree - I can't help feeling, though, how well-spent was my time worrying about Decca and Omega? What about producing beautiful plots that (on a flight deck) you'd only ever have to produce on an aircraft with only 2 x VOR, 2 x ADF, 2 x DME and 1 x nice big plotting table, with a crew of 2 x pilots, 1 x radio ops, 1 x FE, 1 x Nav and, no doubt, 1 x chef, 14 x steward and 12 x pax...?

Forget it. Learn it, regurgitate it on request, put it into autodump when passed, and carry on and worry about the real stuff later.

8th Dec 2001, 03:30
I think that (especially in the case of Electrics) itīs kind of a case of the guys setting the questions thinking "well, I had to learn it and I hated it so I think those buggas should have to go through the hell as well!!"

I too ditto the remarks made so far - missed one hell of an opportunity to tell us about something we may have at least more than a 30% chance of using when we finally get into the RHS.

Eat it, digest it, spew it up on a Friday night and tick the right boxes!

Good luck,

VFE. :cool:

8th Dec 2001, 04:09
do you have to learn stuff like the formulas for horsepower and vorticity? :rolleyes: