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26th Nov 2003, 13:36
Auckld Emergency Services Stood Down
26/11/2003 06:31 PM

Emergency services at Auckland International Airport have been stood down following a threat against an aircraft.

A non-specific threat came out of Australia against a plane flying across the Tasman though it did not indicate which airline was the target.

Air New Zealand says because it had a plane in the air at the time, it notified the pilot of a potential emergency.

The flight from Brisbane, with 262 people on-board, has now landed safely.
The nature of the threat is still not known


Not much else is known at the moment .. 5 more flights apparently due out of AUS this evening and the threat is apparently supposed to be targeting a flight departing aus for nz .. as reported by 1 news

Very concerning indeed ..

>>>>EDIT >>>>>>

Air NZ says threat over

Nov 26, 2003

An "overheard remark" prompted a security alert on aircraft flying to New Zealand from Australia, Air New Zealand has announced.

An Air New Zealand flight from Brisbane to Auckland was kept circling in the air for 40 minutes on Wednesday while emergency measures were taken, it said, adding that the emergency has now passed.

The Boeing 767 with 262 passengers landed shortly after 6pm and was immediately surrounded by security personnel.

In a statement shortly after the landing the airline said "based upon an overheard remark in Brisbane a non-specific threat to New Zealand-bound flights was logged with security personnel".

Information was relayed to the captain of Air New Zealand flight NZ136, which was already in the air.

"Concurrently a detailed and thorough assessment of the threat was carried out by security personnel on both sides of the Tasman," the statement said.

"It was determined there was no threat to any aircraft flying the Tasman."


Cant be too careful nowadays ..

Your comments ?

27th Nov 2003, 00:28
Just because the paranoia is institutionalised doesn't excuse the underlying delusion.

Terrorists don't have to use a bomb or violence any more to cause havock, anxiety, disrupt our lives & economy and cause immense costs to be incurred. It just takes the merest hint of the vaguest possible sense of ill-feeling fed to a paranoid bureaucracy. They must be laughing into their kaftans.