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26th Nov 2003, 04:17
What is the difference between an A300B2-202 and a -203?

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26th Nov 2003, 04:22
each airline is designated a number code by the a/c manufacturer, and the dash number after the aircraft type is that code. dont know why they do it, but must be a way of keeping track of the aircraft throughout its life...
eg. qantas i think is -12, so all qf 737's, 767's 747's, as long as they purchased them new, will end in -12, with tthe number in from of the 12 being the model number... hope i havn't confused u...:ok:

26th Nov 2003, 05:08
thanks Fixa24, but I already knew that for Boeings. I am trying to understand the difference in labeling in the AC circulars. The ones for FAA cert are different than for JAA cert.

26th Nov 2003, 06:09
What is the difference between an A300B2-202 and a -203?

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26th Nov 2003, 07:04
I think the different between them are the engines it has, like on the A330 A330-301 are fitted with GE, A330-321 are fitted with P&W, A330-343X are fitted with Rolls Royce (A330-342 and A330-343X have slightly different engines even though they are Rolls Royce Trent 700 but i think the performance is slightly different.
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Noise Unit
26th Nov 2003, 23:51

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Airbus use the following nomencalture for the numbers after the -

1st number is series, e.g. -200
2nd is engine manufacturer, 0= GE,1= CFMi, 2=PW, 3= IAE, 4=RR, 5 = EA (maybe)
3rd is engine in series, e.g. Trent 768 was 1st option in Trent 700 family so is 1, Trent 772 is 2, Trent 772B is 3

I hope the last point answers the question for 747Focal, in that the GE engine in question is a later version on the -203.

I Agree

Boeing use the 1st number as the series and the next two numbers or letters as the airline identifier that bought the aircraft originally from Boeing. I don't believe it changes as aircraft are sold to 2nd and subsequent operators.