View Full Version : New EMB120 in Adelaide

25th Nov 2003, 18:52
Saw a Brasilia in Adelaide today. Is this for ASA operations? Have ASA got a new logo if it is for them?

bush mechanics
25th Nov 2003, 20:04
pretty isnt it!!!!
Ive got some good photos of ice building up on the leading edges climbing out to FL300 on the way down today.
As for the logo.Youl have to watch the news in adl thursday night.

Ref + 10
26th Nov 2003, 07:38
Is it an Airnorth one?

27th Nov 2003, 15:41

Missed the news last night, would u be able to spill any beans for us now?

I believe the E120 is ANZ??

Any info would be great :ok:


Dog One
30th Nov 2003, 14:51
ANZ is ex Airnorth ex Flight West. Heard it coming down on Tuesday - FL300. Can a Saaab get that high?