View Full Version : New model for "Skimpy"

25th Nov 2003, 07:54
This is the new airline model on which low cost airline "Skimpy" may be based on". :D look here (www.skyhighairlines.com)

P.S. I found it amusing, but cannot take any credit as I found it on another board.

25th Nov 2003, 08:10
SkyHigh has created a seat selection grudge match that will take your self confidence from taxi to take-off in just 100 feet! Equipped with only a chest protector, a length of rope and a mouth guard you’ll be set loose out of our padded holding pen, down the jet way to get the seat you want…no…deserve.


25th Nov 2003, 12:22

You have to click on the SKYHIGH RADIO ADS and learn about their "Virtual First Class."

What a hoot!:)