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Time Out
25th Nov 2003, 07:18
Back in April 2002, there was

an infringement of separation standards occurred 70 NM east of Darwin, NT, between a descending Boeing 737-376 (737) and an Embraer EMB-120 (Brasilia) that was maintaining level flight. The event took place during the hours of darkness and in visual meteorological conditions. The crew of the 737 intentionally flew the aircraft through its assigned level in response to a traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS) warning. The Brisbane sector controller also received a short-term conflict alert (STCA) between the two aircraft from the Australian Advanced Air Traffic System (TAAATS). The STCA alerted controllers when the radar trajectories of two aircraft indicated that separation standards might be infringed. The 737 and the Brasilia passed within 1.6 NM horizontally and 600 ft vertically. The required separation standard was either 3 NM or at least 1,000 ft.

For the rest see here (http://www.atsb.gov.au/aviation/occurs/occurs_detail.cfm?ID=490)