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25th Nov 2003, 05:33
Can anyone recommend a free ADF tool/simulator to help get my bearings? Also, what about tips for remembering which why to turn to get into the ADF holding pattern?


Send Clowns
25th Nov 2003, 08:35
Have you seen RANT 2000? It isn't free (is about 90), but your flying school may have a computer with a copy on freely available for use and it is the best around. Excellent piece of software, it has useful hints about how to remember things too.

High Wing Drifter
25th Nov 2003, 15:08
The demo should be downloadable from somewhere I imagine. Get that and play with it, you'll see what Send Clowns is getting at.

Navigate to http://www.oddsoft.co.uk/ and follow the downloads link.

The mental exercises are excellent too. I learnt alpha morse in an hour and a 'alf just playing with the quiz thing. Brilliant!

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QNH 1013
25th Nov 2003, 20:34
At the risk of sounding like an echo, yes - get RANT. In particular it has excellent tutorials, some of which explain things and give you simple techniques that I have never seen in any book.

Its not a simulator, you will realise that from the downloadable demo, but it is (in my opinion) the best training aid for teaching you what the needles show, and what you should do next.

I have to say that its now got rather pricey, but I have seen them sold second hand for about half price. Versions before RANT 2000 (eg RANT 3.1) don't have such fancy instrument appearances but will still teach you all you want to know.

27th Nov 2003, 10:38
I've got a decent program (about 500KB) which is good for getting the hang of intercepts. It's got options for ADF, VOR, DME, wind etc...

email if interested

7th Dec 2003, 00:15
Highly recommended: CockPIT: Pilot Training Software.

It comes with a pilot training manual explaining the theory. The software includes a simulator, interactive exercises and a weight and balance and navlog calculator.

It's really great!



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