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Thrust Bump
28th Feb 2001, 14:53
More than 350 people have been killed worldwide as a result of aircraft birdstrikes.

More than 3500 birdstrikes were reported by the USAF alone, in 1998.

An estimated 80% of birdstrikes in the US go unreported.

Starlings are "feathered bullets" having a body density 27% higher than herring gulls.

Have you had a serious birdstrike? What was the consequences and the effects on you, the crew?

28th Feb 2001, 15:12
About the eighth hour of my PPL course. Flew into a flock of seagulls at around 100 feet just after take-off. One ripped off the flashing beacon, another put an interesting-shaped dent in to the leading edge of a wing. Swift return to Mother Earth, fresh underwear all round....

28th Feb 2001, 16:00
There is a fairly long thread on tech log about this - suggest you have a look.

Turn & Burn
28th Feb 2001, 20:58
Birsrikes are a serious problem the worst of them are large suckers like eagles and Pelicans. ive only had a few close calls.

but i would say the worst are flying foxes(large flying mammal like a fruit Bat) any way they seem to flock at sun set and sun rise and are heard to see if not impossible at night. A collision with a senica on final caused the wind screen to smash and fragments of bat went every where, the pilot still landed safely. well done, i thought.

any thoughts on flying foxes and other airbourne impact hazards.

Have a good one

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23rd Apr 2001, 01:54
Those flying foxes are big. Any idea how high they fly?

Take a look at the damage cormorants can do to a B-767. They were flying at 12,000 feel.


23rd Apr 2001, 04:08
My experience, as a general rule, is that the aircraft ends up in the hangar and the bird ends up in the bin :}

23rd Apr 2001, 05:24
Does this belong in Rumours and News?

Just a thought.