View Full Version : LGW, good points/bad points?

6th Dec 2001, 16:19
I tried this on the questions forum the other day, just wondered what reaction it would get in here!

LGW. Good points and bad points from ATC, Handling, congestion, airfield or security.

(no more comments about proximity to Crawley please!)

No comment
6th Dec 2001, 17:02
wonderfully coordinated single-runway operation. too many RJs though...!

The Nr Fairy
6th Dec 2001, 18:40
From SLF point of view, thread should be "LGW, does it have any good points ?"

6th Dec 2001, 19:14

Of course LGW has its good points - it's near that quaint Sussex town of Crawley, for one!

6th Dec 2001, 21:07
The Gatwick express is handy for nights out in Town.