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6th Dec 2001, 12:29
Can anyone out there give me some help.

I am moving from Germany back to Oz and will be transiting in HKG. Will be arriving in early morning (CX288 @ 08:00 and departing in the evening CX105 @ 23:35).

I am looking for recommendations for a nice hotel and for something to do during the day to burn the energy off the rugrats. (I will be travelling with the lovely Mrs Axe and the two hatchets - 6yrs and 1 yr).

Any help will be appreciated.

I'd rather
6th Dec 2001, 15:02
Well, if it's still the same as it was a few years ago, I'd recommend checking into the New World Harbour View in Wanchai - lovely hotel, very restful, beautiful pool and jacuzzis etc outdoors on the 11th floor.

If you've got a few hours to spare, why not go for the time-honoured favourite, a walk around the Peak? Take the funicular (guaranteed to appeal to 6 year old) and enjoy what I think is one of the most spectacular views on earth. Could also eat while you're up there (either the Peak Cafe, or Cafe Deco).

Caveat: it's 4 years since I lived there, but I don't imagine the things I've mentioned have changed much.

Have you tried posting this on the Fragrant Harbour forum?

The Mistress
6th Dec 2001, 15:35
It's also been a few years since I was there too but can back my fellow PPruner re the Peak. If it's hot make sure the hatchets are wearing hats as it is very exposed there. Not sure if it will be the case at this time of year but remember seeing very dark/black butterflies bigger than my hand at full stretch on the Peak.

To Mrs Axe I would say "shop 'till you drop and then shop some more". My hand luggage on the 'plane coming home was made up entirely of table crockery - I got every piece safely back home :)

There are some reasonable beaches for the hatchets to rest/play on between flights.

Eat at the street markets - food excellent and very cheap.

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6th Dec 2001, 17:06
Try Ocean Park. Very enjoyable and will keep the rugrats sleeping on the last sector to OZ. A ride on the peak tram is good fun along with a trip on the Star Ferries.

Excellent services to the city on the high speed train so planning times back to the airport should not be a problem.

It has been alittle while since I was there so if any locals can help this guy?

Margaret Thatcher
7th Dec 2001, 16:25
Spend a day on the slopes...........

Boom Boom :eek:

8th Dec 2001, 15:29
Your not wrong about the boom boom part!