View Full Version : Does anybody know anything about cabair getting 130 new

eurostar builder
23rd Nov 2003, 16:28
Does anybody know anything about cabair getting 130 new aircraft.

24th Nov 2003, 03:16
130!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds a bit much to me........

24th Nov 2003, 21:47
Hi there, I am presently training with Cabair on the Modular ATPL course, as far as I know there are no plans for such fleet expansion.

If I hear anything I'll let you know!


24th Nov 2003, 22:29
I might be talking through hat here but I seem to remember a small snippet in Flyer mag mentioning one of the schools, I think Cabair, signing a deal to buy some diesel powered aircraft. Doesn't 130 appear in the name of one of the diesel engined aircraft's name?

(Hat back on head)


24th Nov 2003, 22:47

Following U.K. certification of the first British registered DA-40 TDi, the ‘Diamond Star Diesel’, the Cabair Group has confirmed an order with ‘Diamond Aircraft U.K. for new ‘state of the art’ training aircraft valued at over £3 million over the next 6 months.

The initial order for 8 x DA-40 TDi Diamond Star single engine ‘IFR’ equipped aircraft will see immediate deliveries to Cranfield for usage by Cabair College of Air Training on JAA approved Integrated ATPL courses for airline and self-sponsored students.

Further single engine deliveries later in the year will be followed by a number of DA-42 Twin Star aircraft when certified for use on advanced phase training and programmes for the Multi-Engine Instrument Rating.

These aircraft will all be utilised by the Cabair Group of Aviation Companies which operate Europe’s largest pilot training and rental fleet with over 150 aeroplanes and helicopters on call. Cabair Flying Schools has eight Private Pilot training centres in Southern England and the Group’s two Commercial Pilot training colleges are located at Cranfield (Cabair College of Air Training) and Bournemouth (European Pilot Training Academy).

CCAT Chief Executive Graham Austin receiving the first aircraft from Bob Green, Managing Director Diamond Aircraft UK Limited.

The fleet which flies over 60,000 hours per year is maintained in-house by Cabair Maintenance facilities at Elstree and Cranfield. In addition, the company operates its own Air Operators Certificate for fixed wing and helicopter ad-hoc charter based from its Headquarters at Elstree in North London and has a training affiliate, Orlando Flight Training, in Florida, USA.

eurostar builder
3rd Dec 2003, 18:09
I will answer my own question...

This looks like a start of a few arriving

Noted at a very wet Cranfield yesterday were the following:-

22nd Dec 2003, 09:12
Some of the new aircraft have already arrived....I went solo in G-CCHB last week !!!!!!!!!!:ok:

eurostar builder
22nd Dec 2003, 17:59
Well Done and Thanks you for the info


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