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23rd Nov 2003, 07:22
Hi folks,

Imagine this, you work in a small company which inhibits your ability to be out of work - i.e. company grinds to a halt when you're not there. How do the rest of the self-employed community get time off to train?

My problem is, I can't do it locally and need to travel to SA/US.


High Wing Drifter
23rd Nov 2003, 07:52
I work in a huge company, probably one of the biggest in the world and yet I could only take 2 out of my 5 weeks holiday this year, and only one of those weeks in consecutive days! All that and ATPLS, hour building and training - I'm bloody knackered :=

My only fallback is the train into work where I do all my reading and the weekend for some reading, progress tests and flying.

How I will get through the CPL and IR I have yet to fathom :uhoh:

Canada Goose
23rd Nov 2003, 21:54
It's a good question ! I try and do contract work. This said, things are a bit thin on the ground contracting in my line of business and I may have to take a 'permanent' job (which is what there only seems to be about).

I hoping to get word of a contract in the next week or so that may enable me to work 3 days or so a week adn have the rest of the tie to myself ...... i.e. study !!

Everyones different at the end of the day !!

Good luck

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