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5th Dec 2001, 23:02
well, if you want to.. (waste some time, that is) here's an interesting site to puzzle through: http://www.input-entertainment.de/laser/laser.html

stuck on 11, and the laser refuses to see things my way ;) :rolleyes:

6th Dec 2001, 00:59
Got to 11 too - brain started to hurt so had to stop......

Good site though...ideal for those not too inspired (bored) moments at the office...Hope the boss doesn't see me !!


6th Dec 2001, 11:18
Well, I'm stuck on 10. Can you help? :confused:

Another good time waster is:

6th Dec 2001, 12:46
Ah Ha. Think outside the square!!!! :D :cool:

Professor TailSpin
6th Dec 2001, 13:53
Number 10 was fairly straight forward, but takes a little bit of thinking.

Number 11 though had me tearing my hair out for well over an hour last night, and I still can't solve it. Appears to be one few mirrors to solve it - maybe it's a trick one that can't be sovled (that's my story anyway).

Anyone solved number 11? Just want to know it can be done, before I go back to it.

Made the mistake of emailing the link to my team in the office, and now I can't get the ******s to do any work!

6th Dec 2001, 15:30
Well, I'm trying to work my way around no 17 at the moment, so it can be done. (I had the help of a friend though :eek: )

(edit) I have the passwords to the 1st 16 levels if anyone wants them.

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Desert Dingo
6th Dec 2001, 16:29
Yes - No 11 can be done. :)
(The splitter does not go in the obvious place where you first want to put it)

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6th Dec 2001, 17:27
I have a screen shot of the penultimate move if anyone is really stumped.
What a joyous way to spend your lunch hour.

7th Dec 2001, 01:05

7th Dec 2001, 01:48
OK, here is the solution to level 11. If anyone objects to my posting it, blame Tcas climb

Mirror the beam right, at the base of the lower bulb. Use the refractor (The diamond thingie) to angle up through the gap in the wall. Place a mirror next to the wall to reflect back down to the right, through the 2 top bulbs.

At the bottom of this beam, place the splitter so at to go up through the bottom bulb on the far right. Use another mirror to reflect through the top one. There should be one mirrir left. Place it at the bottom, between the 2nd and 3rd wall. Angle the beam back up through the remaining 3 bulbs to complete the level.

Bluddy simple really.
(With acknowledgement to Doug, who solved it for me!)

On a slightly different note, how many of you would have got that anyway, but couldn't because the first two posters got stuck? I mean, did going into the level knowing it was difficult have ane effect on your strategy?

7th Dec 2001, 02:14
Well, if you thought 11 was hard, wait until level 18 hehehe ..... :D

I'm on vacation this next week, likely will spend time away from a 'puter. :eek:

I know that violates a PPRuNaholic decree, but .... See ya all when I return on the 17th.

Desert Dingo
7th Dec 2001, 05:49
****** #18.... I'm still fighting with #17
Arrrrrrgggggghhhhh :mad:
(Fantasizes about beating the crap out of whoever started this thread!)

7th Dec 2001, 08:12
(Fantasizes about beating the crap out of whoever started this thread!)

Ah, so sorry... never fear, I'm just as frustrated with it as the rest of you.
:D :p ;)

EMB Bras
7th Dec 2001, 20:31
I HATE IT, I HATE IT!... But I WILL continue to torture myself :(

Desert Dingo
9th Dec 2001, 03:46
Just solved #18. I feel so superior :D
I had a bit left over and did not have to go through the one-way thingy. Sneaky sods!

9th Dec 2001, 10:56
Desert Dingo:

How in the hell did you have a bit left over?

(agreed, though, there's no need to go thru the one-way gate)

(edit) And isn't the solution to 19 clever.!!!

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Desert Dingo
9th Dec 2001, 12:23
Dunno. It just worked out that way. I have a double-sided mirror left over. Maybe I can keep it to use in the next problem. :p
(Flying_Circus: Check your email. 30k .jpg with my solution for you, just so it does not spoil the fun?? for others.)

henry crun
9th Dec 2001, 13:01
Have just had a look at it and I cannot get to work.

First level, drag the one mirror available into the beam to bend it 90 right to light the bulb.
All that happens is that the beam varies in length depending on where I place the mirror in it. Does the mirror have to be rotated thru 90 degrees and if so how is it done.

It has been a long day and I'm feeling tired but I can't help feeling that I've missed something fundamental.

9th Dec 2001, 13:10
Thanks for that.

Incidentally, had the same thing happen with 22....

Desert Dingo
9th Dec 2001, 14:03
Henry - There are two knobs at the bottom right of the screen. If you click on them it rotates your selected object. (I think you are going to be sorry now that you know this..... ;) It starts off easy, and then after you become addicted they are damn near impossible. :mad: ) Good luck.

9th Dec 2001, 15:59
Arrrgghhh. It's a shame I have to work as well :D

Nice one AV8er, you have reduced my already minimal productivity to virtually nothing ;)

I Am Ugly
9th Dec 2001, 20:41
I just took one look at 25 and instantly gave up. :eek:

9th Dec 2001, 21:36
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - i wish i had never seen this thread - not only is it very addictive but i am crap - any hints for level 8 will be greatfully (pleeeeeeeeeeeeease) accepted.

thank you :confused:

henry crun
10th Dec 2001, 00:53
DD. thanks, you will understand my confusion when I tell you that, due to the way I had my screen set up, that bottom control bar was not visible.
All is now revealed.

Desert Dingo
10th Dec 2001, 02:23
crewman :Place the first splitter at the far right and the refractor immediately below. That should get you started. But be warned, you'll be sorrrreeee.... :p they get much worse ...

(edited 'cause I stuffed up the names of the bits)

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10th Dec 2001, 12:51
Just stuck at Level 17 (for 2 days now!) ... but otherwise it's fun! But I think I should wait to finish till I'm at my parents house and won't have to pay for the internetconnection :D

Any clues for Level 17ten?

(I shouldn't ask, I should solve it myself!, I shouldn't ask, I should solve it myself! , I shouldn't ask, I should solve it myself! ) :mad: :cool: :D

Tricky Woo
10th Dec 2001, 13:43
Just solved #18 via the one-way thingy. I have to admit that I got a bit lucky. Sorry. Very elegant solution, though.

#19 is a bloody mess. Can't make head or tail of it. Seems that every diagonal is blocked.


10th Dec 2001, 14:07
It's help a thicky time folks. How the hell do you solve #10 :mad: :mad: :mad:

I've got 5 mirrors, 1 splitter & 1 refractor. It doesn't seem like enough..... :confused: :confused:

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Desert Dingo
10th Dec 2001, 14:49
LowNSlow: Go outside the walls ;)

10th Dec 2001, 14:59
Cheers DD, now I'm banging my head on number 12. AAAAARRRGGGGHHHHHH

10th Dec 2001, 15:01
I must be a moron
Help with 5 ?

10th Dec 2001, 16:24
Ok guys
moron had a brain transplant it works fine now
[w2k] :D

10th Dec 2001, 16:38
Who's got 19?

10th Dec 2001, 17:40
struggling with 16 :(

10th Dec 2001, 18:15
grrrrrrrrrrrr I have been stuck on 10 since I first looked at it yesterday ... I resolved that when I woke this morning I would know the solution but having had to run a bunch of errands (its a day off) I have now totally forgotten the magnificent insight I am sure I woke with. I saw the "go outside the walls" hint but...just can't figure how to get the beam to both sides...I KNOW the answer is likely to be staring me in the face but ..... pretty please someone? most of you seem to be waaaaay ahead of me (guess that is cos i don't have a commercial licence hehehehe).


Tricky Woo
10th Dec 2001, 20:35
I seem to have hit a purple patch... scratching my head over #22.

Damn this game.


10th Dec 2001, 20:54
grrrrr Mr Woo and others who are happily perplexed at numbers above 10 ....... HELP!!!!! I only have "outside the walls" capability on two sides, top and right, and there is no way I can split the beam grrrrrrr ::scritching head::


10th Dec 2001, 22:09
Sent you an email, brockenspectre ;)

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11th Dec 2001, 08:12
I have a digital photograph of 18 for those truly frustrated.

Trash Can
11th Dec 2001, 09:31
Anybody got anywhere on 24?

Desert Dingo
11th Dec 2001, 09:42
Yep. :D

11th Dec 2001, 11:18
Oh My God!!!! :eek: :eek:

I have got all the way to level 24, and only just realised that there is a "hint" button!!!

The trick now is to remain strong and not use it!

Trash Can
11th Dec 2001, 12:16
Finally Got 24 :D one level to go!

11th Dec 2001, 12:54
:D ;) :) :cool: :p

I am so brilliant!!!!!

I have a comprehensive list of passwords and solutions if anyone wants to email me. I don't expect any emails though, I want you all to nut them out yourselves.

Desert Dingo:

how did you do #25? My solution has a mirror to spare, and when I looked at the "hints" almost everything was in the wrong place!!!

I have tried starting from scratch using the suggested placements, but I can't see how it's supposed to be done!?! :confused:

Desert Dingo
11th Dec 2001, 14:26
Flying_Circus:I haven't got there yet. I am still among the ranks of mere mortals beating my brains out trying to find the solution to #25. I'll let you know when (if) I ever get there. :confused:
Thanks for giving me a reason not to weaken and look at the hints.

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Desert Dingo
11th Dec 2001, 16:38
Solved # 25 at last!!!
I am soooo brilliant too !! :D :D :D

Flying_Circus. Like you, I had a bit left over, but it was a refractor not a mirror. I guess there must be multiple correct solutions. Check your email, I am sending you my solution. Let me know if it is similar to yours.

(Edited because I am trying to be humble.)

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11th Dec 2001, 16:49
Still bumbling along on 18. I had to do some work today.

11th Dec 2001, 17:39
I'm stumped.

I haven't slept in three days. Level 17 seems impossible. three of the four bulbs are positioned so that once lit, the beam cannot be redirected to another bulb. I've tried every permutation possible and conbination conceivable yet still can't solve the little b***er.
So, pur-lease all the pprune genii, enlighten me as to the solution.


Confused of London.

Tricky Woo
11th Dec 2001, 19:33
Finally finished #25.


Back to real life...


11th Dec 2001, 20:49
What pil said :( :confused: :( :confused:

11th Dec 2001, 21:10
Who ever designed this puzzle is trying to take over the world, they may succed

11th Dec 2001, 21:44
Is it okay to use the hint button or will I be a wimp

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11th Dec 2001, 22:39
Level 18 wasn't too bad - had it in about 1/2 hour... just starting level 19 though...

Let's see how this goes! Somehow I can never choose the right place for the refrector...

Haven't found the Hint-Button yet - but I guess it's better so :D :mad: :)

11th Dec 2001, 22:44
hmmm I'm probably not in the right frame of mind, I'm struggling with #9 at the moment, can get one bulb lit, trying to wangle the other one.

11th Dec 2001, 22:58
ok done #9 & #10, the latter was surpringly easier to work out, just stuck on #11 right now.

Trash Can
11th Dec 2001, 23:08

My solution to 17 didn't require the 2-way mirror if that helps. And only 2 of the four bulbs are in a position that the light can't be refracted again

Yikes! Just went back to redo 17 and it's changed! some of the one way arrows are in different positions. Dammit! if they change the puzzles everytime I might NEVER leave this site.

Anyways pil...disregard, my solution doesn't work for the NEW level 17

[ 11 December 2001: Message edited by: Trash Can ]

Alright...just redid 17...this time I did need all pieces.

[ 11 December 2001: Message edited by: Trash Can ]

11th Dec 2001, 23:08
ok struggled with #8 blew through #9 #10 looks not too bad

11th Dec 2001, 23:48
Should never assume anything #10 is killing me can't get one bulb Anybody??

12th Dec 2001, 00:32
had a brainwave, shifted the refractor and switched it for a mirror and lit all bulbs up, #12 was surprisingly easy. #13 looks daunting although probably easier than it actually looks. I think I'll take a break for tonight on this one

12th Dec 2001, 01:23
solved #13 more through luck than anything
same with #14, yeah I know I said I'd take a break.. but what the heck! :)

12th Dec 2001, 02:30
Desert Dingo:

Check your inbox....

Desert Dingo
12th Dec 2001, 03:59
Thanks for that. The kamikaze solution! :D

I did not know about being able to hit a bomb so long as it is the last in line.

Seems like there are several different solutions. I have also had a look at the hints now, and can't do it their way either. It appears that there is a one-way thingy the wrong way around which stuffs up their solution.

Anyway, it was all great fun, and now back to the real world.

12th Dec 2001, 06:05
What a pain in the A** I logged off, now I have to start at the beginning again any ideas out there??

Desert Dingo
12th Dec 2001, 06:34
T_richard : Load game #1, click "+" button, enter password from the last level you played and click "OK". (You can then use "-" to scroll backwards to any of your previous games too.) ;)
(Edited 'cause I forgot to say p/w = "irq" for #8 :( )

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12th Dec 2001, 07:05
DD you assume I am smart enough to remember password. Wrong grasshopper! I am dumbf*ck. I am currently stuck at level #8. Bloody hell as the Brits would say

12th Dec 2001, 07:28
http://www.input-entertainment.de/laser/laser.html !!!!!




12th Dec 2001, 08:10
3 Top you will love it, its addictive, you're a wimp for skipping it, we are all gluttions for punishment looking for other sacrificial lambs. I don't know but its cool Try it You'll like it!!!

12th Dec 2001, 08:56



14 TO GO.....

3TOP :cool:

12th Dec 2001, 15:30
Just managed 3 Levels in a row - and now I'm stuck on 21 since it won't LOAD!!!
Tried Netscape (wouldn*t even load the game), tried IE - stuck on that level... *argh!* Why did I play for so long??? :mad: :mad: :(

12th Dec 2001, 15:56
Not finished - I was on the last level!!! :(

Where is it? Who broke it? :mad: :eek:

I keep getting Error 404... Grrrrrrrrrr :mad:

12th Dec 2001, 19:43
Can someone tell me if this thing is broken

12th Dec 2001, 19:48
These guys are promoting internet entertainment, so I gues they do not do that for free. Probably they took the game offline when we all jumed on it - I guess their server is running hot!!!

I wrote an e-mail to them asking to put the game back on for another week or two.....

Wait and see...
By the way its a german site...

3top :cool:

12th Dec 2001, 21:45
Hi this is Frank, author of the game "Reflections": Some of you already wondered why the game is not accessible any longer: Our provider blocked access to it a few hours ago as their servers couldnīt stand the traffic any longer (70.000 players and more a day!). We are currently looking for a solution. If you know any provider willing to host this game or have any other soultion, please donīt hesitate to contact me directly - please DO NOT mail in order to enquire about the game as I receive hundreds of mails already! I will post again if we found a solution!
Thank you for your interest in this game, we really like the success of it but now encountered some problems! :-)
Regarding the posting mentioning that we want to make money: Well who doesnīt :-) We developed this game in order for clients to rent it for their website... It became a big success in several forums but we didnīt get any deal yet. So if you know someone who is interested in licencing this game, please point him to my address.
Thank you, I will keep you informed about the further development of the game...

Frank Gärtner
Account Manager Entertainment
[email protected]

12th Dec 2001, 22:07
Wow - response from the author. PPruNe is truly famous... Great game, Frank. At least now it is unaccessible, I can get on with some real work :)

12th Dec 2001, 22:29
I am seriously depressed that I can't play "Reflections" This may be the worst addiction I've ever experianced.

Gash Handlin
13th Dec 2001, 00:19
arrrrrrgghhhhhhh and I was sure I had cracked level 19

anyone got screen shots of the next levels and the pieces available, without any of the bits in position, so I can at least try to finish it on paper??


13th Dec 2001, 02:32

Thank you for taking your brilliant game off the internet. I am grateful because now I might be able to finish the decorating.

I made it to level 22 but it took me several hours over several days!

18th Dec 2001, 22:42
Dear Reflections-fans,

the last days have been very busy regarding the game and I am happy to
be able to announce you that the game is online again:


- we changed our server
configuration and are able to host part of the game on a server of
Robert "Anakha" Johnston (http://www.lurghi.net).

The game should run stable on this configuration so that we are able
to deal with the amount of requests.

As a bonus we already released three new levels, more are about to
come during the next days.

I want to say a big Thankyou to all users who helped bringing the game
back online. Currently negotiations with several portals about
licencing the game for their users are in progress, securing the
future development of the game and hopefully others as well.

So enjoy playing the game and come back regularly to enjoy new levels!

Best wishes,

Frank Gaertner
input entertainment

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Desert Dingo
19th Dec 2001, 01:47
Oh no!
You don't catch me again.
I have things to do with my life.
I will be strong and resist temptation.

(Maybe just a quick peek)...........

You have modified #25 and my brilliant solution does not work anymore.
I'll soon fix that!


19th Dec 2001, 01:52
There is a God, I am at one with the Universe again. I'm at #10, going home to finish up. :) :) :) :D :D

Trash Can
19th Dec 2001, 11:36
finished level 28 :D :D :D :D

back to real life!

19th Dec 2001, 11:58
I'm stuck on #18

for anyone who wasn't playing this before and now wants to play it, the site has been moved to http://www.input-entertainment.de/laser

24th Dec 2001, 01:08
Got to Level 24 - but got stuck now <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

Got some help for me ?? Mirror or Refraktor first?

(I shouldn't ask - I shouldn't aks!) <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> :)

1st Jan 2002, 14:04
It pains me to say this, but I am finding level 27 too difficult to do alone. I need help <img src="frown.gif" border="0"> <img src="mad.gif" border="0"> <img src="eek.gif" border="0">

Desert Dingo, Trash Can: I could really use a hand. Please?

Thanks, I know you'll understand.

1st Jan 2002, 15:06
Sorry, false alarm. Wouldn't ya know it, I've managed to solve it immediately after asking for help. Had to use the hint though, which I'm not too thrilled about, but I guess it's better than having someone else show me the solution.

Thanks anyway.

2nd Jan 2002, 11:11
Back to the real world...... <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> <img src="tongue.gif" border="0"> <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0"> <img src="cool.gif" border="0">

Interestingly enough, I finished Level 28 with a piece to spare, and a different solution to the one that is "hint"ed at!

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2nd Jan 2002, 22:05

I'm going slighty mad.
I must have tried a million combinations, new approaches, and new tactics...

But I still can't seem to crack #23...
Any help would be highly appreciated..!!!
(then hopefully I can do the rest myself...)



3rd Jan 2002, 15:58
After much painstaking work, I now have JPEG images of the solutions to the final 20 levels, plus alternate solutions to a few of them.

If anyone wants a copy of any of them, just e-mail me.

The centre bulb needs to be lit by 3 beams. One coming directly from the gun, one going from top right to bottom left, and one from top left to bottom right. Hope that helps.