View Full Version : Happy Christmas

Life of TrollyDollyLover
5th Dec 2001, 17:11
Well the shops did it back in September
So let me be the first to wish you all Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and for a touch of class, Happy Easter...

Kermit 180
6th Dec 2001, 07:40
Just so long as I dont get a measely egg for Christmas. :p

Bally Heck
6th Dec 2001, 23:43
Let me go one better TDL and wish everyone a Merry Christmas for 2002.
Remember, I got there before Argos, M&S and BHS. Though only marginally I suspect.

Gash Handlin
7th Dec 2001, 00:04
Well as anyone who frequents chat knows... I got the hat first, back in November so happy Xmas everyone.

http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/santa.gif GH

ps 19 days to go :D