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21st Nov 2003, 21:32
OK guys & gals we are all aware of the real Concordes last flight (weep) but what is going to happen to the BA model sitting on the road to Terminals 1,2 & 3 at Heathrow? Is she to go to a museum or just quietly broken up (is she still there?), either way when that happens BA becomes just another boring airline -

22nd Nov 2003, 02:29
I believe that there are no current plans for dismantling the concorde model at Heathrow, it will probably stay there as a reminder of the great aircraft for the coming years. :cool:

Shaggy Sheep Driver
22nd Nov 2003, 02:40
Can't see BA leaving it there. It will be a constant reminder of what prats they were to scrap the fabulous bird way before her time. Especially when the economic cycle turns (as it will), and they realise they could have upped the fare and still had full Conc cabins to NY again.

My guess is it will disappear one dark night to be replaced by a magnificent plastic..... errrrr.... 777??:hmm:


22nd Nov 2003, 03:10
Hell yeah.....also gives Sir Dicky something to wind them up about.

Anybody see the tears somebody put on it for the last flight?

Final 3 Greens
22nd Nov 2003, 14:48
I notice that the strapline has been changed from 'Arrive before you leave' to 'Timeless.'

If I was a BA marketing man, I'd extratc every ounce of brand value out of the old girl over the coming years.

'Concorde' will contiue to be a global brand long after her retirement .... and if they can arrange a heritage aircraft, then even more so.

22nd Nov 2003, 18:06
Rocket 2 the last SSC departs LHR from T1 at 1115 hrs on Wednesday 26 Nov.

22nd Nov 2003, 18:10
Perhaps the 'strapline' should be changed to:

"Concorde - when once we had pride"

Damn you, Skippy.

22nd Nov 2003, 20:48
Yes. Or 'When BA wasn't just another airline'.

22nd Nov 2003, 21:06
i've got a suggestion...if they ever remove the model,perhaps they could find a place for it in Whitehall,sit it upright on its tail,and get tony blair to sit on its nose.

22nd Nov 2003, 23:17
Hmmmm. I've been looking for a gate guardian for DOC Towers....



23rd Nov 2003, 04:15
Can't remember the name of the guy that built it, but he made a number of molds for each section. I happened to come across one of the nose/cockpit area in the local dump. It was even painted and looked the business. My plan was to have it sticking out the back of the garage, but as usual, the wife threatened to take the kids and the BMW....

Some women have no taste at all.

23rd Nov 2003, 04:31
Rocket - Blimey. That would be worth a few quid now!