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89 steps to heaven
21st Nov 2003, 18:42
The recommendation that landing lights should be displayed at all times is all well and good, but what of Sennica and King Air drivers that only have lights on the landing gear, or B717 that has speed limitations on light deployment?

I guess you could all fly with the gear down or fly slow below F125 :O

Life is what happens to you while you plan what to do with it!

23rd Nov 2003, 06:47
Funny thing is that around GAAP's, MBZ & CTAF's I've always turned on my landing lights about 10nm out but ******ed if I'm going to do a 5 hour trip with the bloody things on all the time!

compressor stall
23rd Nov 2003, 08:42
My KingAir has recognition lights on all the time below 10K.

And the logo lights go on at night too OCTA except at night into a tiny back of beyond strip where noone else would be going into where they go off as they reflect off the wing, hindering vis.

23rd Nov 2003, 08:46
Ok, but there are PLENTY of aircraft who cannot display landing light or recog lights at cruise speeds.

This 'Look out at all times' in VMC is a load of crap. Whilst i do not deny that a proper lookout is essential in VMC, how are you to set the aircraft power, checklists etc etc?

'Just use the force'

Oversimplistic and optimistic rubbish, really.

compressor stall
23rd Nov 2003, 09:04
Yes I totally agree.

I fly Single Pilot turbine. I frequently get diverted. I use checklists.

I cannot be looking out the window all the time.

It is less safe, but the question is really will it be safe enough.

Time will tell and those responsible will have retired with nice fat public service pay packets.


Sheep Guts
23rd Nov 2003, 09:24
Also this move will favour only one party. The General Electric Corporation. their Long use landing lights (NOT) will get replced even ,more regularly.
I do long overwater flights Single pilot Turbine,but Im in CTA, so really it shouldnt be a requirement on such long legs. Silly really,
10 miles into an airport or in a high traffic area yes , but thats is itreally.


23rd Nov 2003, 12:45
Light Up for Safety. A nice little jingle. (AIC H9/03).

Read in Aviation Week the other day that landing lights on are a magnet for infra red shoulder launched missiles. I can just see this bearded rag-head in a field listening to Arrivals on his Tandy radio and sees a huge pair of landing lights appear at 10 DME. His throw-away IR launcher lines up on those lovely safe lights and at one DME he presses the trigger. Light up for safety? Not in Iraq anyway...
It would never happen in Australia, would it?

Nah! No way, Hosay. Hey! Wait a minute. Have a read of AIC H9/02 (if it's still current). The title is "Possible Terrorist Activity Involving General Aviation Aircraft" This is Australia!

Sigh of relief - it only refers to GA aircraft - not RPT....

23rd Nov 2003, 17:38

And I thought it was all about cigarettes! :D :O :rolleyes:

Light em up boys and girls! :} :sad:

24th Nov 2003, 06:25
for a ga operator the expense of replacing the landing gear light (when it only points straight down in the gear up position) should be taken into consideration. unless you like to shine the thing straight down what's the point?

also most are on a licro switch that kills them when the gear is selected up.

the bulbs themselves don't last that long, especially on a aztec. approx 10 hours. and they cost approx $60 a pop. just another expense for the operator. more than the cost to pay the pilot per hour os useage.

some good thinking........

24th Nov 2003, 07:34
Centaurus ...

I can just see this bearded rag-head in a field listening to Arrivals on his Tandy radio ....

Ten bucks says he is using a DICK SMITH radio!!!!

If he can't kill us with his airspace, I am sure he will find another way!

24th Nov 2003, 15:10
Most B200s we operate dont have Recog Lights. We will just have to use 'The Force'


24th Nov 2003, 15:23
In the stretched, puffed out Beech, its either all lights on or all lights off. Happens below (-on)/above (-off) transition. (Landing/Recog in daylight Land/Recog/Tail Logo at night.)

One daft thing though, when gear up-sucked, taxi light remains 'on' - no micro switch. Post T/O check "...taxy light off"

See and be seen :cool: maybe why so many homebuilts now are fitted with three way quad flash strobes/flashing recog lights. :ok:

Lurk R
25th Nov 2003, 08:30
Now I know how to make my fortune out of aviation - fluorescent aircraft paintjobs!!!

28th Nov 2003, 13:00
Makes one wonder if they won't start a "any colour as long as its black" campaign. It is highest vis in daylight. Hence all/most UK Police choppers are mostly Black.

Yellow contrast in area the machine should stand out, around rotor/tail etc.