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21st Nov 2003, 12:59
Just found that in the ATC section of my Jepps (Pg. ATC AU-925), that deal with standard phraseologies, there is reference made to the wake turbulence category in some of the calls.

Eg....... "QF 167 Heavy.....etc etc"

How long has this been going on (in Australia) ??

23rd Nov 2003, 18:18
Don't think it is... Could be Jepp getting crossed wires with their US or UK pages - especially if that's the only reference.

23rd Nov 2003, 22:49
Not standard in the UK either, when I last looked. Shouldn't ATC be aware of which types are M or H? Except for the 757 of course, which depends on what is following it in the sequence!

24th Nov 2003, 04:41

Haven't got a set of Jepps at hand, but, am fairly sure that JAR states that first contact with tower,gnd,approach should include the preamble " heavy " . It is of course for heavy wake turb a/c not just cat. D a/c, eg; 767-2 cat C but HEAVY.
I have always thought this was just a belts and braces thing for a busy ATC enviroment at first contact, and helps other drivers who of course haven't got your flight plan with their situational awareness.


Duff Man
24th Nov 2003, 05:08
Unless something's changed, wake turb category (H only) is an optional inclusion on first contact with atc. Always has been; only the yanks use it.