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21st Nov 2003, 01:24
Whats the latest on the Trident, wingless Comet and the Herald?

They were parked behind the FLS hangar a while back with the Trident looking in especially bad repair. Is it going to be broken up? This will be particularly bad if the Trident up at LHR goes too.

I heard the Herald was going to be a fire trainer or at least something along those lines...

I'd be interested to know Pete Vallance's feelings on the matter!!!

21st Nov 2003, 02:51
The "wingless" comet is used to train the tow-tractor drivers as and when. About this time last year it was merrily being towed up and down the south side of the airfield in front of BA maintenance facility. The BAC1-11 is in terrible condition, and I some how doubt whether it is a viable static item now. As for the Herald, I don't think it'll be used a fire trainer as they've just built that Grey 747-DC10 hybrid down near the Vallence Collection.

21st Nov 2003, 13:48
All three were all parked together still as of yesterday. Would be nice if they could be saved and moved to the Peter Vallance Collection.