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20th Nov 2003, 16:53
In some airports is Africa, we have to tell tower the number of "Soles On-Board".
I want to know:
1. Is it includes Crew or PAX only?
2. What is the reason for these?

20th Nov 2003, 16:58
sorry can't resist.soles on board will be twice the number of souls on board.unless of course the pax are carrying spare shoes as well then, its anybody's guess

I'm feeling guilty now.In the U.K. we asks for souls on board or person's on board(P.O.B.) when an aircraft has an emergency.We would expect this number to include the PAX and crew as it is passed on to the emergency services on the ground for their benefit rather than ATC's.

20th Nov 2003, 17:38
This practice can vary between countries.

I fly a lot out of Greenland and there you can file VFR flight plans over the radio on the ground or just after take-off, so called GLP. There you are expected to give POB including pilot(s).

However I also fly in Iceland and there you are expected to inform ATC the name of the commander + pob (not including commander).

Can get confusing I know, but many countries / many rules :confused:

The purpose of this is in case of emergency that the search and rescue folks will know how many bodies to look for or if a rescue heli is sent, that it will be able to carry everybody.

edited to include answer to question #2!

20th Nov 2003, 18:03
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20th Nov 2003, 23:30
Danyoren.....allow me!

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compressor stall
21st Nov 2003, 08:56
Have advised ATC once when carrying a deceased passenger that there are 2 POB but only one soul.

21st Nov 2003, 09:02
What are you expected to say if you are asked for S.O.B. and you are ferrying half your airlines management and executive?, I haven't met a amanagement type yet that even had a personality let alone a soul.

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21st Nov 2003, 15:24
Thanks everybody