View Full Version : Airbus pilots what does "SRS flex 35 mean"?

12th Mar 2002, 16:26
Calling all A320 pilots.. .. .I recently saw a documentary on Discovery Wings about a Monarch A320 from Luton - Malaga. On the roll, the captain called "SRS Flex 35" or words to this effect prior to V1.. .. .What does this refer to? Would I be correct in assuming it has something to do with the side stick, its associated systems and effectiveness?. .. .Thanks.

12th Mar 2002, 18:26
No.... .. .5-6 years since I flew a Bus (now Boeing), but the 'Flex 35' refers to the derated temperature for the Takeoff. .. .The 'SRS' I can remember as a phrase, but what it means? I would think they are the autopilot / flight director / autothrottle modes on the displays, and the callout confirming they are annunciated.. .. .I'm sure a more current Bus driver will add to / correct the above. .. .NoD

12th Mar 2002, 18:46
SRS = Speed Reference System. Put very simply the pitch bar on the flight director will provide guidance as to the correct attitude to fly in order to achieve and maintain target airspeed once airborne.. .. .FLEX = derated power used for take-off.. .35 = a numerical value calculated for the prevailing take off conditions e.g. wind temperature runway length etc. The higher the number the less thrust is being used for t/o.. .. .The crew on your video where reading out the active flight director mode(SRS) and autothrust mode (FLEX) from their instrument displays.

12th Mar 2002, 20:47
Many thanks fo your replies.. .. .p-prunner