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master slug
17th Nov 2003, 08:13
Come on BA what the hells going on..

Seems you tried to rob pieces of one plane so you could fly another. Manchesters JFK it seems had a bit of a technical problem on sunday. So some bright spark had the bright idea to rob an inbound LHR 757. Use the bit on the Outbound 767 and there back in the ball game. Unfortunatly not . Seems it all went wrong . JFK cancelled, and at one point 3 LHRs all on the ground at the same time. pax swapped from one flight to another and then back again. All in all one great big b@lls up by the Worlds best Airline.

Thats what happens when you cut back to much.

So says the slug...

Buster Hyman
17th Nov 2003, 12:23
Assuming it's a compatible part, what's the issue? Most airlines rob off of their own to keep the schedule ticking over, admittedly, I've never heard of parts from a different type before but, again, if they were compatible....:confused:

17th Nov 2003, 19:22
Shock!!! Horror!!! Airline robs a part off one aircraft to service another!! HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!!!

17th Nov 2003, 21:28
Very common practice in aviation.

The 75 and 76 as well as having a common flight deck for crewing purposes, have a lot of mechanical and avionic common parts

17th Nov 2003, 22:40
As mono states, robbing one aircraft to service another is legal and fairly commonplace. The commonality of the parts has to be thoroughly researched by the engineers doing the job and this includes compatibility of part numbers, serial numbers, modification state, service bulletin status and for twin engine aircraft, ETOPS approval. The actual robbery procedure will only be carried out once all other avenues for sourcing spares have been exhausted. Some form of record has to be kept of all robberies that can be seen during CAA or QA dept audits. If the number is excessive then obviously there are problems with logistics, spares holdings or overhaul turnround times that have to be resolved.
Master Slug, the details in your post are vague and in this instance the exercise didn't appear to pay off but the fact that several aircraft were u/s may not have been down to this procedure being carried out but a totally unrelated problem.

master slug
18th Nov 2003, 01:22
Re 123.

I understand about common parts interchangable items. Spent a few years working for Bae. The point that I could not understand was that Whoever made the decsion to rob the 757 wiped out 3 aircraft out for about 4hrs. Mistake or what?

NH must by now have the worst record of any 767 in the fleet of BA.