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17th Nov 2003, 03:56
hey folks!

Started training at cranebank this week but not as flight deck but long haul cabin crew and what i was amazed at was the large number of jnr fo's! where they all come from?

Are you one of these people i envy? when you start? are you sponsored or what?

any answers anyone?

kempus :confused:

17th Nov 2003, 16:56
I understand from my brother who's a BA FO that they are getting rid of the turbpp`rop fleet and so bringing those crews onto jets. Perhaps they are the ATR/ATP/Dash7 guys converting.

20th Nov 2003, 03:52

Def not, some of them look about 20! would go and ask them but they sit at their table kinda thing and only chat with their own kind! Tried loads of times to strike up conversation!

Anymore ideas?


20th Nov 2003, 06:02
Simple answer, it is a mixture of the last Cadets that are now coming on-line, together with the ex-Cityflyer guys (ex ATR & RJ100) who are now on conversion courses. As far as I am aware they are all 2 stripers.


Training Risky
20th Nov 2003, 19:07
I wouldn't worry about not being spoken to by people like that mate.

As they are sponsored by Nigel Airways they are obviously the Lord Jesus reincarnated, and have no earthly need to talk to pond life like us.

Either that or they speak only Hebrew and don't understand us:ok:

20th Nov 2003, 23:09
Here here, the phrase "air hell air" springs to mind!

22nd Nov 2003, 04:38

Now i aint ever heard of that before now and thats what all the crew joke about!

Well they're all 2 stripers, notice some older ones the other day so what your saying may be right!

There was me hoping that they may be self sponsored from somewhere! oh well!

Do they when changing fleets need to back down senority?


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