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Philip Whiteman
16th Nov 2003, 19:48
Oh dear! Anybody else waste time or video tape on this one?

Clue to television researchers and producers: the Hurricane's the one with a single, central radiator, straight-tapered wings and a multi-panel cockpit cover. Oh, and Merlin or Allison-powered warplanes do not make the same noise as light aircraft.

Also, where's the mystery over poor old Warbie's disappearance? As the programme showed, he set of in a CG Lightning, which surely let him down when it ran out of animation budget...

17th Nov 2003, 02:00
Thought it was quite a good programme, but agree on the usual howlers about 'anything which looks vaguely vintage = Spitfire'

When are TV producers going to wake up and use people who know what they are talking about when producing this kind of documentary, where virtually everbody that watches will spot the wrong details every time!

Not as bad as the well-known video about the Tiger Moth, which featured 2 Stampes doing aerobatics in a way no Tiger Moth ever could!

Ho Hum:rolleyes:

17th Nov 2003, 02:06
Thoroughly agree. Lost count of all the clips of Hurricanes, and it wasn't mentioned once that I remember. And I don't think early marks of Spitfire were "long range", either.

And his mysterious disappearance - just because the actual reason is a mystery, does not mean that the reason itself, whatever it is, is itself mysterious. Just ask anyone who is convinced the Pyramids were built by spacemen.

17th Nov 2003, 05:22
That such a programme is even made in the days of reality TV ruling all is enough for me. Obvious howlers in footage used do not really detract from telling the story of a man whose story deserved to be told.

The only thing I could take issue with is that it made out the story was over and neatly wrapped up - yet a letter in a recent magazine mentioned that what was buried was little more than his foot, and his body was recovered and buried locally at the time. So he is not - as yet - truly at rest.

astir 8
17th Nov 2003, 16:00
I agree that some of the animation and film clips were cr8p but I'd never seen that piece of film of Warburton belly landing his Maryland - worth it for that.

And if these progs help to educate the masses about people who richly deserve remembering, then I suppose we've got to tolerate the technical howlers. They are unneccessary though