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16th Nov 2003, 02:37
Early evening drinking pals tell me that Air Atlanta have dropped Air Crew Executive as their prime contacing agency and are now employing a new company based in the Channel Islands to provide the much needed 747 crews.All the talk is about what the Irishman had done wrong to deserve this..or is it just him with another name.They did'nt think it changed anything..but perhaps will stop the promised improvements the Irishman had made about contracts.Its still as good as Neighbours....roll the credits

Jack The Lad
16th Nov 2003, 02:59
Not good news Abra, because it was always some tiny Irishman that was involved. Sometimes he was external, sometimes internal. Let us all hope he's a new Irishman that hasn't just shifted his house to a stick of rock halfway between 2 mainlands :ouch:

Phil Squares
17th Nov 2003, 05:50
Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's another ACE like company called Airborne. It's the same set up as ACE, $$ just going to different people. (according to pilots in AAI). Also, apparently no one has taken the "new and improved" contract.:ok:

17th Nov 2003, 07:12
Does anybody have this company's contact information.

17th Nov 2003, 10:14
Polygon Hall PO 225
6 Merchant Street
St Peter Port

admin by Heritage group www.heritage.co.gg

Good luck!

17th Nov 2003, 11:20
Thanks Kato747

There is a job posting on http://www.flightdeckrecruitment.com/jobs.asp
for B747 Captains and F/Os. It is posted by a UK-based technical recruitment agency on 13th Nov 2003. Is this for Air Atlanta? more information would be appreciated.

17th Nov 2003, 19:54
Yes this is Air Atlanta and they are desperate. But the same lousy contract under a different name.

18th Nov 2003, 06:18
AAI had, at one time an 'ok' salary package.
Straight salary for a month, with overtime starting at 75 hours.
Then someone in the head shed decided that the $250/$175 per day scenario was a better idea..read cheaper/lower payroll burden for the company.

Now of course this simply does not cut the mustard, paywise.

So, folks say goodbye whenever possible...and suspect it will stay that way.
The additional training costs must be rather expensive.

21st Nov 2003, 23:29
Earl! My Old son..... If you haven't asked the question yet....
Airborne is just a replacement for ACE.

Send an email to Airborne on their zone4u.org site and see who answers your questions.

Yep, you guessed it, the "POISON LEPRECHAUN"!

Come on, Jerry...get a grip....trying to sell a 16-21% pay CUT as a good deal just beggars belief!