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15th Nov 2003, 20:23
Hi guys I really need some help here.

I hold Italian and FAA CPL/IR (neither of them are JAA FCL as you probably already know) with 1000tt hrs 100 hrs multi.
I got a job offer but I was told that before doing the validation to SA license I need to do the type rating and having my license endorsed.
Fine for me, but that's when trouble started!
First I called up my wonderfull and very efficient CAA (ENAC for friends) and explained the situation, they said a bunch of stuff I couldn't understand:

a) If I send them a special request I will obtain a JAA license so the TRO in Check republic I contacted could endorse my license. This is quite strange since we are not approved yet by the mutual agreement!

b)You need an atpl to do the course. This is something I couldn't find anywhere!!!! JARs say that for a multipilot type rating the requirement are: 100 hrs pic, valid multi and IR rating and MCC.

Then it also say that as a commercial pilot I can act as a copilot in air transport operation!
Have you heard anything like that????

My big question is do you have any info about what is needed to do to have a type rating on your license if this license is ICAO and if there are not TRO in your country???

Please let me know also if you had some experience related to this subject and if you know for sure what are the requirement to start a type rating course!

Thanks Speevy

Good luck and good flying to all of you

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