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19th Jul 2001, 19:35
Hear" that there is a new airline starting called Cougar, who is behind this Super 27 (b727) operation, heard that they a requiring TRE/TRI. I think that it is at BOH.
at present??null :p

A and C
19th Jul 2001, 20:16
Cougar has been started by keith newnham who not long ago sold his interest in sabre (now excel airways)i am told that the super27 is an ex sabre aircraft.
If the rumours are correct then they have recruted a first class chief pilot so i think that it will be a happy ship !.

Best Western
19th Jul 2001, 21:11
They can borrow a clapped out 737-200 from Ryanair ready painted.... (boy is that aircraft at the end of its life...)

All they have to do is tippex out the Jaguar name, and hope nobody notices the difference between the animals!

I never understood the Jaguar / Ryanair relationship. Ryanair and Skoda maybe.

20th Jul 2001, 01:40
Drove past PIK this afternoon and the Cougar 72 was doing circuits. Colour scheme was the red Sabre tail with "COUGAR" in enormous letters along each side of the fuselage. ;)

Fast Jet Wannabe
20th Jul 2001, 02:27
What kind of airline will Cougar be? i.e. Scheduled/Charter? Routes? Bases? etc

freightdoggy dog
20th Jul 2001, 02:50
So do you fancy a BOH based job A+C? Free ride in a Peugeot 405 estate old boy!!!! or does that still give you nightmares :p

Thrust Bump
20th Jul 2001, 10:46
:rolleyes: It's STN based actually chaps and it's not the Sabre red tail !! :mad:

As for routes, ACMI, some own charter work plus scheduled cargo for a MAJOR outfit.

20th Jul 2001, 12:12
...anyone got Keith's e mail contact ?.. cheers !

A and C
20th Jul 2001, 12:42
Frieghtdoggy dog i,m NOT going to come back what in BOH could tempt me away from a state of the art aircraft ,better pay ,management that you can have reasond conversation with ,a training department that is first class and all those wonderfull girls.

It,s not 26 hours on my feet positioning ,ratty old taxis driven by guys who smell like pole cats, petty disputes over expence clames, no hot food for 12 hours
and SOME (not all)in management who think that the aircraft can fly on the fumes from the bottom of the fuel tank.

20th Jul 2001, 14:11
Well said A+C, I spent some time working in those conditions and boy they were not favourable, and how anyone can work with the management that shouts constantly when things are not going well and beyond my control is beyond me. I wish all well and agree that the chief Pilot is a good egg

20th Jul 2001, 14:27
Hey A & C, you forgot the extraordinare crew accomodations for the most enjoyable split duty relaxing phases between the oil canes and battery chargers on the coffee soaked non-recline chairs.
Hope you are well, at least you sound ok...

20th Jul 2001, 16:24
I heard the Cougar Leasing B727, with hush kits, had been operating in the US and came to the UK through Timco-Cougar Leasing in North Carolina.

Next Generation PSR
21st Jul 2001, 22:38
I'm very pleased to see at last some signs that Cougar is almost up and running. At least it will keep some 727s and some good people still flying.

I only hope that "The Flying Tampon" - i.e It only goes up once a month! aka G-OPMN is much better cared for than it was the last time it saw passenger service. And G-BNNI/G-BPND for that matter too. Grand old ladies of the air need lots of TLC.

Anyway best of luck everyone I hope you all do well.

Davey Clark
22nd Jul 2001, 12:21
Have to agree with Ianessan. I was walking my four-legged hairy eating machine down on Prestwick beach, and the 27 looked verra, verra smart on the climb-out from rwy 31.
But what do I know!



24th Jul 2001, 18:16
:p Just seen it land at PIK and it looks wonderful :cool: Are they taking on Ryanair on the PIK route? :eek:

24th Jul 2001, 18:21
just found web page for cougar looks with pictures www.cougar-ltd.co.uk (http://www.cougar-ltd.co.uk) :p

Walter Vitriol
24th Jul 2001, 18:54
I can see the Cougar 727 sitting on the apron at PIK. Pity it isn't taking on Ryanair as I hear that there are 130 angry pax sat at PIK this very minute looking for a trip down to STN due FR tech in PIK :p