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14th Nov 2003, 03:38
Hi All

Wondering if anyone had any info they could post or e-mail me regarding this type of wing section, as i need to know about it for a part of my course. saw it mentioned in a journal article and basically would like a little bit of background history on it, some specifics about its effiiciency etc.

Cheers :ok:


p.s. any personal contributions will be referenced in the report im compiling

14th Nov 2003, 18:05
Hi Matty,

I don't have any personal knowledge or experience in this area but can never resist a Google challenge. :)

It seems that a book by Bruce Carmichael called "Persional Aircraft Drag Reduction" will help you: see this review (http://www89.pair.com/techinfo/Books/bookrev.htm).

I couldn't find anything on-line, but this Google search (http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Personal+Aircraft+Drag+Reduction) may lead to something... good luck!