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Night Rider
2nd Mar 2002, 21:28
Hi all,

Just the people to answer a question for me. By the way I'm flight crew, not an engineer!

On a light aircraft, what is a WINTERIZATION PLATE/KIT and what exactly does it do???

Any info much appreciated.. .Many thanks.

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2nd Mar 2002, 22:45
On our Light A/C we have placed a blanking plate to stop the direct ram air cooling flow which is under the engine baffles. This normally keeps the oil temps down by flowing around the crankcase lower and the oil tank (Continental C-85). . .In the winter if you don't block off this air, the oil temp does not reach an acceptable level...(to boil off any condensate within the oil)

On A/C with oil coolers fitted it could be a plate fitted directly to restrict air flow to the cooler.

3rd Mar 2002, 07:22
EGT...... .What temps do you need something like this ?

3rd Mar 2002, 09:40
On aircraft powered by horizontally opposed engines, the winterization kit consists of two slotted sheet metal plates that are screwed to the front of the cowling, on either side of the prop spinner. The plates have slots cut in them, that restrict the amount of airflow over the cylinder head baffles and through the oil cooler. There should be something in the maintenance manual about this, as well as the OAT limits, but I seem to recall we never used them unless the OAT's got down below zero Fahrenheit. In cold weather (-30 -40) it may be necessary to close off the oil cooler completely. We used to use a piece of half-inch thick felt placed directly over the oil cooler.

Cyclic Hotline
3rd Mar 2002, 12:13
In addition to all of the above, there are actually different oil coolers (non-congealing) available for very low temp ops. We use Aluminum tape to provide decreased flow through the coolers if all else fails.. .. .In conjunction with good engine covers and preh-heat if you have it available, there are a number of good electric sump heat mats, that will save your engine. In addition to the various aircraft suppliers, NAPA sells a great one too! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="wink.gif" /> . .. .FAA <a href="http://www.faa.gov/ats/afss/newyork/WINTER-T.HTM" target="_blank">have some good info on cold weather ops here.</a>. . . . <small>[ 03 March 2002, 07:14: Message edited by: Cyclic Hotline ]</small>