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10th Nov 2003, 17:51
Serving as a reminder to all 'ppruners,

Concorde Alpha Delta flies for the last time today (ever) supersonic LHR-JFK as "Speedbird Concorde AD".
ETD LHR 1516z ETA JFK 1901z.

That leaves AE to go Barbados 17th November and FINAL AF to FIlton on 26th November.
No more word on AA or AB at LHR the non-current airworthy ones.

11th Nov 2003, 00:00
It was nice to be alerted by that special rumbling roar, and get to the window in time to see the delta shape turn right in a climb which presented the familiar sight of the rear of the bird disappearing in a faint trail of exhaust.

I guess it was one of the ones repositioning for its life ahead as a museum piece.

Or was it a demo flight for Richard?

Max Angle
11th Nov 2003, 00:08
Watched the departure at LHR this afternoon. No noise abatement today, the re-heats roared for ages, brilliant.

t'aint natural
11th Nov 2003, 00:20
He certainly didn't do his noise. In Teddington the streets shook. Way to go.

11th Nov 2003, 01:14
I wish I was up there!

This was the last flight to JFK as this was going there and then being ferried to the Intrepid museum or something.

I wish it was a demo for Sir Richard as then we would see this bird grace the skies for many years to come. A sad, sad day in aviation :{ .


Dave 14

11th Nov 2003, 01:18
The one destined for East Fortune, Edinburgh, is apparently to have her wings removed, and go by barge up to her final resting place. It'll take a wee while though, as apparently it will take 3 months to remove the wings, however long to put it on the barge and sail it up there, and then another 3 months for the engineers to refit her wings when in position at East Fortune.
Hope the Engineers going with her enjoy their 3 months in EDI!

12th Nov 2003, 00:26
According to the latest local news, the final flight of Concorde will end at Filton (Bristol) at 13:00 on 26th November. Fitting that she's coming home to rest.

I'd be interested to know who the crew will be.

Max Angle
12th Nov 2003, 00:59
I'd be interested to know who the crew will be.
Well I think you can be 100% certain who the Captain will be, can't see Mike Bannister letting that one go.

12th Nov 2003, 01:49
Personally, when it comes to "Concorde Flies Again", I prefer this version:

http://www.concordesst.com/returntoflight/returntoflightindex.html .

12th Nov 2003, 02:37
A couple of weeks ago the local Bristol evening newspaper said the pilot was to be a Captain Brodie and the flight engineer a Bristolian, whose name I regret to say escapes me.

Mind this was before the official announcement that a Concorde was even going to Filton, but the rumour seemed watertight.

Will be interesting to see if they correctly picked part of the flight crew.

12th Nov 2003, 02:41
As I understand it Mike will do the LHR departure and Les will do the filton Arrival

12th Nov 2003, 03:06
I was on LX 23 landing directly behind the last Concorde into JFK yesterday afternoon - even more special than before. Parked at Terminal 9 for the very last time - quite moving and I said my private goodbyes.

12th Nov 2003, 03:57
Hey Snigs, is my ticket for the arrival on the way?


Shaggy Sheep Driver
12th Nov 2003, 04:14
Has Mike been in the LH seat on all of them, since and including the last Heathrow landing?


12th Nov 2003, 06:12
In case anyone wants to know I believe the LAST Concorde Departure will be on:
Wednesday 26 November 2003, BA9020C 1120Z G-BOAF, from LHR to Filton, 1300Z; all times approx.

There is also alledged to be an earlier departure, G-BOAE, to Grantley Adams Airport, Barbados:
Monday 17 November 2003, 1120Z Departure from LHR - BA9093C.

I acknowledge source:


I will be there for both.

I will never forgive BA.

12th Nov 2003, 07:17
I would think so........

He has got his CV to fill in to prepare for life as an after dinner speaker, TV presenter, author plus any other cameo appearance he can arrange.....

.......or is that me just being a tiny bit cynical ???

12th Nov 2003, 09:12
Wish I could be there for the last departures. A very sad day.

Like Youneverstoplearning I will not forgive BA.

12th Nov 2003, 16:01
I will be there for the final landing, Hope it comes in accross the A38.

12th Nov 2003, 18:26
Well, if Capt. Bannister is not doing the landing then we might see a good one!! :p

Nasib, I'd have thought you'd be watching at FL40, in the hold. ;)

I'll be there to see it, by all accounts the police are considering closing the A38, regardless of whether there's a westerly or not. My worry is the M5, if the landing is on 09 then there is a possibility of a "gawping" induced pile up!!

Sad day for those involved.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
12th Nov 2003, 23:00
Well, if Capt. Bannister is not doing the landing then we might see a good one!!

Shurely Shum Mishtake:cool:

I watched the 3 last landings at Heathrow on telly. The Edinburgh was a tad bouncy, the round-the-bay was pretty good, and Bannister's was a greaser.:ok:


Hot Wings
12th Nov 2003, 23:07
Shouldn't he have been busy managing his Airbus pilots?

13th Nov 2003, 00:00
The local Bristol radio station is saying that there will be no viewing faciliies at Filton and the public should view from the Downs at Clifton. It is a pity that Filton can't make an effort.

They also stating Concorde will also be accompanied by a Spitfire.

Anybody know more?

13th Nov 2003, 00:23
The spitfire would probably be the Rolls-Royce owned one, it would be nice if it happens.

SSD, in the TV interview after the last scheduled flights, after a bit of ribbing from an old mate, Bannister admitted that (and I paraphrase) "seeing as though this was my last landing of Concorde, I thought I'd do it twice!!"

I think the NY flight landed first!

13th Nov 2003, 00:35
I believe Filton will be allowing 3000 ticket holders in, see Evening Post for details.
I will be somewhere near there as I live 15 minutes from there and I have already booked the day off (Anyone fancy a drink after?).

13th Nov 2003, 02:24
as u_e said, 3,000 people are being admitted to the Filton site, presumably any more would be unmanageable.

It is fairly built up with factories and housing abutting the eastern end of the field so not really much scope for a lot of spectators there. Of course, if the wind is out of the east she will land from the other (Severnside) end anyway.

I believe the best bet would be the Downs. It is a massive open space and the bird will overfly that area, which is next to the Avon Gorge, whichever landing direction is subsequently taken. Local police favour the Downs for spectators.

Local press reported that the Spitfire mentioned is the one owned by Rolls Royce.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
13th Nov 2003, 02:36
SSD, in the TV interview after the last scheduled flights, after a bit of ribbing from an old mate, Bannister admitted that (and I paraphrase) "seeing as though this was my last landing of Concorde, I thought I'd do it twice!!"

No, it was definately the Edinburgh first (that bounced), followed by the 'round the bay' and lastly the NY. Bannister was flying the NY.

And it was far from Bannister's last Conc landing. He did Manchester (which I watched in person and was also a greaser), and I beleive he was also on the flight to Seattle (which of course included another NY landing). He may also do Barbados and Filton - time will tell.

I wonder if that was the last Conc landing for the 'Edinburgh' pilot? I hope not - I felt sorry for the guy and I hope he got another go before he hangs up his Conc headset for the last time.


13th Nov 2003, 03:31
I think the EDI arrival was Brodie. If so, and the Filton crewing report is correct, he'll get a chance to redeem himself!

13th Nov 2003, 04:48
Has Mike been in the LH seat on all of them, since and including the last Heathrow landing?

Except the ones that he was in the right hand seat for!!

Mondays LHR-JFK had Paul Douglas (his boss actually) in the LH seat, with MB in the right.

...and Me many rows behind them enjoying my one and only chance to sample the old girl.


13th Nov 2003, 17:40
MerchantVenturer, If you further East than the factories (Rolls Royce) there is some common ground. There is a footpath of bush avenue and that is off gipsy patch lane. You will not see it landing as its the wrong side of the railway embankment but you should be in line with approach.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
13th Nov 2003, 18:34
...and Me many rows behind them enjoying my one and only chance to sample the old girl.

Fil - Glad you got a flight before it's too late. That would have been on Alpha Delta? I also had my one and only supersonic flight in her, August 1999. Not trans-atlantic (Manchester to Paris), but I did get the jump seat!


13th Nov 2003, 19:22
Thanks for that under_exposed.

I was thinking more in terms that there was no large open space for several thousand to gather and of course if the landings are in an easterly direction that day a position beyond the railway line would not enable anyone to see much.

However, if on the morning it is apparent that the landing will be in a westward direction your suggestion is certainly one to consider.

We do seem to have had more northeasterly, southeasterly and easterly winds this year than is normally the case.

13th Nov 2003, 19:34
The departure to Barbados is particularly sad. Very few people are likely to see it there and , unless very expensively looked after and air conditioned, deterioration in the saline air will be rapid. The bets must be on it having to be expensively recovered from there by sea , or broken up locally, before many years have passed. Its surprising that it hanst gone to a major museum in Europe where it would have been seen by much larger numbers of people.
Also, although the Barbados operation produced good results it was much less historically and operationaly significant than BAs eastern route , initially to Bahrein and later, Singapore.

13th Nov 2003, 19:45
If the wind is the other way, nip down to Cribs causeway and then head towards Catbrain (wonderful name). There are fields on three sides of the runway at the western end, but they tend to be muddy (even in summer).

See top left of here (http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?X=357000&Y=180000&width=700&height=400&client=public&gride=&gridn=&keepicon=false&coordsys=gb&addr1=&addr2=&addr3=&pc=&advanced=&scale=25000&right.x=27&right.y=13)

13th Nov 2003, 20:47

Where are the formations with the Red Arrows in all of this??!!

14th Nov 2003, 02:09
Concorde's arrival capped by thievery

Thursday, November 13, 2003


When British Airways chief Concorde pilot Mike Bannister delivered one of the supersonic jets to Seattle's Museum of Flight last week, he spoke with pride about the world's fastest commercial jetliner and how he was leaving it in good hands.

But only a day or two after the delivery ceremony Nov. 5, a thief removed a very special "piece" of the Concorde that Bannister and his flight crew had deliberately left in the needle-nosed cockpit.

Removal of the flight engineer's cap occurred soon after the British Airways Concorde arrived last week at the Museum of Flight. The museum is hopeful about repair, calling this "another restoration project."

It was the British Airways cap belonging to flight engineer Trevor Norcott.

This was no ordinary cap left behind on a seat.

When the Concorde flies faster than sound, its airframe expands by design as friction heats the skin. As part of this expansion, a small gap opens next to the instrument panel at the flight engineer's station.

On the Concorde's flight to Seattle, Norcott placed his cap in that gap during the supersonic flight over Canada.

The gap closed tight around his cap when the plane slowed and the skin cooled.

The crew meant for it to remain there forever, for the public to see when they visit the Concorde.

With the end of the Concorde, British Airways has no more need for flight engineers. It is why Bannister decided it would be appropriate for Norcott to leave his cap behind as a personal touch.

But a day or two after the delivery ceremony, a thief took the cap. The person could not pull it out, so he or she cut it out.

Many people have been going in and out of the Concorde, from British Airways and the museum to grounds people at Boeing Field. They have been getting the plane ready for public display.

Not knowing who took the cap, the museum put the word out that no questions would be asked if it were returned.

It was. Anonymously.

But because the Concorde will not fly again, there is no way to place the cap back in the gap while the jet is streaking through the sky at 1,350 miles per hour.

And besides, the cap was cut or ripped out, not pulled out.

The museum says it will find a way to have the cap become part of the Concorde again.

"It's another restoration project," a spokesman said yesterday.

The museum is planning to have the Concorde ready for the public to view the inside beginning Nov. 28 -- with or without the cap.

14th Nov 2003, 02:23
just shows that the rest of the world doesn't deserve any piece of the Concorde story ... we the people (the Brit people) should demand their return soonest - after all, they BELONG to the Biritsh public... BA only paid a token £1 for them! and YES I am mad that some oaf decided to ruin a piece of aviation history ... you can't tell can you? :ok:

14th Nov 2003, 04:00
In case anyone wants to know I believe the LAST Concorde Departure will be on:
Wednesday 26 November 2003, BA9020C 1120Z G-BOAF, from LHR to Filton, 1300Z; all times approx.

There is also alledged to be an earlier departure, G-BOAE, to Grantley Adams Airport, Barbados:
Monday 17 November 2003, 1120Z Departure from LHR - BA9093C.

I acknowledge source:


I will be there for both.

I will never forgive BA.

[I make no apology for putting this back at the top.]

14th Nov 2003, 11:22
As an Aussie I can't forgive Rod's decision at BA.

Hey, we would have looked after one of them in Melbourne, more approp. than Barbados surely?!!

Sadly I never got to fly on one, closest I got was a few visits to the prototype at Duxford.

Well done Rod, you jumped ship at Ansett now look at BA - cutting tthe wrong costs perhaps...?:{

14th Nov 2003, 15:32
brockenspectre, BA paid a freely negotiated price for 5 of them, they only got 2 or 3 unsold Concordes for £1

14th Nov 2003, 15:45
Did anyone catch the BBC Radio Five Live interview [ around 06:20 - 14th Nov]with a chap who claims that the French Concorde Crash report was a cover-up and that during the take-off a 747 was missed by 7 metres and that Concorde hit a runway marker before rotation? Only caught a section of the interview but apparently a publication is about to be released. Another conspiracy theory along with all the others? He also mentioned another French Concorde being scrapped at Dakar?after a heavy landing?

Aviate 1138

14th Nov 2003, 16:49
Old news really but it's remarkable how few people seem to have heard of these aspects of the crash.


14th Nov 2003, 17:07
Even though, sad to hear of the Seattle incident on Alpha Golf and the FE's cap.

I am troubled into hearing that the aircraft will "probably" be stored outside on the parking lot adjacent to the B747 "001", Air Force one B707 and the American B727.
Can anyone clarify, is -AG going into undercover storage or just going to be left outside.
These aircraft have faded and detoriorated badly, like to ones on top of the Intrepid in NYC. The American B727 that was retired to Seattle has paint flaking and transfers coming off etc, the first B747 in preservation there looks really worse for wear, faded,jaded and in a sad state considering their place in aviation history.

What happened to that "web poll" then a few weeks ago to save Concorde?
This is all sad as the idea was to send Concorde to homes where the aircraft will be upkept and not left to decay...

14th Nov 2003, 20:28
I make no apology for putting this back at the top.

15th Nov 2003, 14:54
YNSL - Much as I'm a huge Conc. fan, please don't keep posting solely to push threads to the top.

The aircraft's merit in terms of ordering in the topic list should really be determined by real posts. Intentional messing around here will undermine genuine thoughts about the great white bird.

17th Nov 2003, 03:31
I understand that Alpha Golf will be outside for a few years at least while the "large aircraft" display hangar is built at the museum of flight. Hopefully the miserable Seattle weather won't cause too much deterioration in the meantime.

17th Nov 2003, 04:52
He also mentioned another French Concorde being scrapped at Dakar?after a heavy landing?

This is also mentioned on the website as being "the loss of a Concorde in Dakar".

There was an "incident" at Dakar where an Air France aircraft suffered a tail strike during a heavy landing. It was repaired and returned to service and was then withdrawn and dismantled for parts FIVE YEARS LATER.

I think it's likely that similar inaccurate sensationalism sets the tone for the rest of it.

17th Nov 2003, 15:49
G-BOAE is due to depos LHR-BGI at 1120z today, dont miss it!

17th Nov 2003, 20:30
My apologies if this question has already been answered elsewhere, but when and how is the Concorde destined for the air museum near Edinburgh going to get there?

I have seen departure details for all the others, including the last take-off ever on the 26th November, but I haven't noticed EDI anywhere. Is this perhaps to be one of the non-airworthy a/c? If so, it presumably will need to be moved by road......

17th Nov 2003, 21:55
Yes this has been mentioned in these spreads.
Alpha Bravo has not been airworthy for some considerable time as it was never modified, unlike AC-AG.
As far as I know, the movement to East Fortune is not yet timeframed/scaled/tabled but will go by road from LHR to the east coast then barge up to Scotland. It will be moved in partially dismantled status, i.e. wings removed. This process I am told is going to take a CONSIDERABLE length of time.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
17th Nov 2003, 22:07
Any more news about G-BOAC? My spies tell me it is still parked outside at Manchester. Any immediate plans to hangar it? Anything been/being stripped off it?


18th Nov 2003, 00:04
G-BOAE off to Barbados (clearly the weather was out to demonstrate the contrast between there and the UK today):


Just one more flight left - LHR to Filton - now who here works southside at Filton and will let me stand on the roof of one of your buildings...? Pretty please...

18th Nov 2003, 02:33
Classic demo of lift on a delta wing in picture number No. 1, Damien.

18th Nov 2003, 03:18
Cracking photos Damien.
Thanks again.

18th Nov 2003, 03:23
G-BOAC at MAN is still on stand 70 in the open it has had it's fule lines taken out but that it all. it is not going to be strip of anything :ok: they will be starting work soon ao a £500,000 hanger to keep it in but at the mo it is out in the elements .... dont know why tho seeing as they have a spare hanger (ex B.A) just doing nothing :confused:

18th Nov 2003, 04:02
Super pics Damien - at around 1115 I looked across the office and out of a window to see it grey and overcast and rainy and figured that the UK was just expressing it sorrow at the last international Concorde flight departure. If you can get pics of G-BOAF (she is the Filton a/c, isn't she?) that will be grand! :ok:

Shaggy Sheep Driver
18th Nov 2003, 04:41
Thanks rampman. I'd heard the BA hangar has been sold, so maybe that's why they can't use it.

Cracking pics, DamianB as usual. Someone HAS to get you airside at Filton to capture those last moments.... PLEASE!!!


18th Nov 2003, 05:48
Unless you fancy flying the Chippy down to Filton with a camera toting passenger, SSD. How long do you think we could get away with circling near the approach at around the right time ;)

18th Nov 2003, 17:09
DamienB: You are not a photographer - you are a magician, sir! Fabulous pics.

18th Nov 2003, 18:57
Someone at Filton, please let Damien and his magic shufty box into your lovely airfield!


Dear Mr Eddington,

Can you ask the nice pilot chap, for the very last flight, to do LHR, flyby at TLS, Bang over the Bay, then a Filton flyby and greaser type landing. Please.




18th Nov 2003, 19:18
As always, Damien,



18th Nov 2003, 19:47
Can't the very last concorde flight 'ever' (LHR-Filton) be delayed by just 4 weeks so as to be on Dec 17th, the 100yr anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight...??????????????

For the sake of only days, it would be a final fitting tribute...


18th Nov 2003, 20:36
Cheers guys :O

Fingers crossed on access at Filton, it's looking good though.

19th Nov 2003, 07:51

Will you post your usual brilliant holiday snaps on the forum.??
This is, after all, the most historic occasion in aviation since Pontius learned to fly and became a Pilate.

Dayoff .....

Your suggestion is also brilliant, but wouldn't it be fitting to do a flypast at Kill Devill Hill before going to Filton.??
That would just simply blow peoples minds away completely.
From the first to Mach 2 in 100 years.
Sigh.....There is no doubt an accountant at this very moment having kittens at the thought of all that Esso Blue going to "Waste", and Rod would never sanction it.......but think about the massive goodwill if he did. Go on mate .... show us that Big Airways has a heart.

20th Nov 2003, 20:32
Full Story and Link to Map (http://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/newsroom2/news_display.asp?NewsStoryID=2338)

Avon and Somerset Police Web Site, 12:49 am.

"Police have announced four recommended viewing areas for people wanting to watch Concorde’s final flight into Filton next Wednesday, November 26.

The seafronts at Portishead, Clevedon and Weston-Super-Mare, together with the Downs near the Clifton Suspension Bridge, will provide everyone with the chance to see her homecoming between 12.45pm and 1pm, weather-permitting.

Inspector Chris Ware said: “We’ve worked closely with British Airways and Airbus UK to ensure that everyone who wants to see her homecoming will get the opportunity to do so in a suitable, safe place.

“We are reminding people that the only public facility at Filton is for the 3,000 Evening Post competition winners. Everyone else should go to one of the four areas in time to see Concorde fly over at a suitably low level between 12.45pm and 1pm.”

Police are advising people to arrive early and use public transport wherever possible to minimise disruption.

Radio Bristol will be broadcasting further details on the day."

20th Nov 2003, 22:42
Taildragger - I should think there's a fair likelihood of snaps appearing here, yes...

21st Nov 2003, 18:54
Enquired with Filton to see if it was possible to fly in on that day but they have stated that no GA flights are allowed in that day.

Real shame that.

22nd Nov 2003, 00:09

I rang them as soon as I found out (just as the Evening News competition closed!) but alas with the same result.

I am definitely going to be there, I will be flying down from East Anglia if the weather is up for it, else I shall drive.
Badminton and taxi looks favourite if they will accept us.

Is anyone else flying down?
Does anyone know is the northern perimeter road will be accessable on foot? (I note the Police have it marked in red for no parking, but is it going to be open to the public and can you actually see anything from there.)


22nd Nov 2003, 00:32
Was there on 'two out, three in' day and intend to be there on 26th for the final ear and car alarm blaster. ATCs - is the plan to go for a 27R departure even without the VIP grandstand?

aluminium persuader
22nd Nov 2003, 01:25
Might get a view from the back of the Cribbs Causeway carpark, and I seem to remember there was a track to a farm on the south side of the field.

22nd Nov 2003, 16:07
Runway23 have you considered flying in to Garston Farm? Within Colernes ATZ but well co-ordinated and would be convenient for the run into Bristol on the A420.

22nd Nov 2003, 21:02
Rough translation of the NOTAM for the final flight:

Concorde G-BOAF Final Flight and Flypasts in Bristol area:

Departing Heathrow, estimated at 11.10, via English Channel, Landing Filton estimated at 12.42.

Inbound to Filton Concorde will leave controlled airspace at Compton (approximately 10 miles west of Reading), 250 knots, at 12.18

It will pass overhead Filton at 12.27, then continue west to the Severn estuary.

From there it will head down the Bristol side of the estuary and turn south to overfly Weston Supermare at 12.32 continuing east to overfly Bristol International at 12.34

Then it heads up to The Downs.

If it is landing on 27, it will go east to Cold Ashton (junction of A46 and A420), making a 180 degree turn to line up for landing.
Otherwise, if landing 09, it will go overhead Filton heading North then West 'over the M4' (tunnel!), making a 180 turn back east for landing.

Either approach it's estimated to land at around 12.42

24th Nov 2003, 00:22
Just noticed this on the BBC website, apologies if it is old news.
I think they have the gender wrong however.

Firm considers 'son of Concorde'

EADS plans to build a successor to Concorde could take off
A successor to supersonic jet Concorde is being considered by aerospace giant EADS, the group has confirmed.
The European firm is looking into developing a hypersonic jet with Japanese partners, a London based spokesman said.

Chief executive Philippe Camus unveiled the plans at an aerospace industry event in Japan last week, French newspaper reports said.

However, the spokesman added no firm timescale was in place for replacing Concorde, which retired last month.

The hypersonic plane would be able to travel at twice the speed of Concorde, meaning it could fly between Paris and Tokyo in two hours, Mr Camus told the French newspaper Liberation.

He added that the market was not currently able to support the launch of a commercial programme, but there was currently "collaboration" between Europe and Japan on engines for the jet.

"Working groups are considering it," he said.

Japan meetings

Meanwhile, the Sunday Express reported that EADS has started talks with Japanese manufacturers and Miti - Japan's trade ministry - to develop the jet.

The aircraft would be capable of flying 7,000 miles non-stop and would carry 300 passengers, double the capacity of Concorde.

Reports also claim the jet's noise levels would be far lower than those of Concorde - which led to the plane being unable to fly certain routes - and much more similar to those of a Boeing 747 which would enable it to operate far more widely.

Concorde made its final commercial passenger flight for British Airways between London and New York on 23 October.

Famous aircraft

Air France, the only other airline to operate the jet commercially, withdrew it from service in May.

The companies decided to retire the famous aircraft after 27 years because it was no longer profitable.

EADS is Europe's biggest aerospace company and the second largest worldwide - employing more than 100,000 people at 70 production sites worldwide.

The company, which relies heavily on its core Airbus operations, was formed July 2000 and is listed on the French, German and Spanish stock exchanges.


24th Nov 2003, 02:09
For as long as Boeing keep talking about a Hypersonic machine, then EADS will have to keep talking about one.

I reckon it to be a simple game of who will blink first. It may well happen but not any time soon. There are more direct words to express this contest but these are public forums and I wish to save the Mods the trouble of correcting my language. :p

24th Nov 2003, 15:16
Oh dear hypersonic transport again?

One word...... HOTOL.

Let's reinvent the wheel shall we?

24th Nov 2003, 15:50
The Mall at Cribbs Causeway off the M5 has excellent parking facilities. Try and get over to where the Cinema Complex and Burger King/Kentucky Chicken is. There's a raised area there, also a footpath that is close to the airfield but not sure what the view is like. If it's raining, try the ladies lingerie department at Marks and Spencers:ok: there's a big window in the corner with reasonable views of the airfield:cool: .

24th Nov 2003, 16:08
Anyone able to advise which runway Concorde will be making her final LHR departure off on Wednesday? I'd just like to pay my respects.

Many thanks,


24th Nov 2003, 17:54
Desk Pilot

Looking at the 3 day synoptic, I would guess both take off and landing will be westerly.

I also guess that she will take off from 27R.

Anyone any more accurate info?


24th Nov 2003, 20:22
Legs11, heading from Cribbs to Catbrain gives you views on all three sides of the westerly end but very muddy.

24th Nov 2003, 21:15
thanks for the tip : the ultimate fantasy world, eh.....


24th Nov 2003, 22:37
Are there any good places Airside to watch Concordes final departure ?

25th Nov 2003, 21:16
Doesn't look dignified does it. (http://www.cnn.com/2003/US/Northeast/11/25/concorde.barge/index.html) :ugh:


25th Nov 2003, 21:31

Thanks for the info on Garston Farm. Looking at the forecast, I would not be happy relying on a VFR arrival and since I cannot get into Filton, the car seems the sensible option.


25th Nov 2003, 23:12
So who has a ticket to get info Filton, apart from me(yippie).

26th Nov 2003, 05:07
Ive got a ticket Girlfriend just suprised me with it early christmas present :D :D :D :D::ok:

26th Nov 2003, 09:27
At the eleventh hour (well, the 2nd strictly speaking) looks like I'm off to Filton thanks to generous ticket donator.

26th Nov 2003, 12:03
Here is the old girl's final flight plan for today :

-N0560F280 N0560F280 DCT NORRY G1 5135N00204W C/UPGAS/M200F450F460 SL2 MERLY DCT 5110N00645W DCT BARIX 4915N00600W/N0560F330 DCT LAGUL DCT 4924N00230W DCT JSY UN868 BARLU UN861 FAWBO UB11 SAM UR41 PEPIS B321 CPT DCT 5131N00221W/N0460F020 DCT 5131N00234W DCT 5131N00236W DCT 5131N00244W DCT 5125N00259W DCT 5121N00259W DCT 5123N00243W DCT 5127N00237W DCT 5129N00236W DCT


26th Nov 2003, 13:11
Saw a very sad sight today,Concorde on the back of a barge going up the Hudson river and being pulled up next to aircraft carrier Intrepid.Another fine piece if european engineering excellence ending up in the good old US of A.
Should have sold it to R.B.

26th Nov 2003, 16:35
Traffic in Bristol is bad today so go early.

26th Nov 2003, 17:50
Can anyone confirm the active runway for the Concorde departure today?

26th Nov 2003, 18:02
On BBC web site:
British Airways is keeping the full flight plan under wraps for security reasons.

Maybe an edit of earlier post is wise

26th Nov 2003, 18:33
Just departed from 27R 11:28

26th Nov 2003, 18:40
Just given up trying to get there, traffic truly awful.
Now I know why I fly.

Goodbye sweet lady.


blue up
26th Nov 2003, 19:06
Passing north of BHD (112.05) at about 11:45.

Recognised the sound instantly! Cloud BKN 1000' , but it opened up beautifully just as Concorde speared overhead.

Perfect timing. Coincidence, or divine intervention?

buzz boy
26th Nov 2003, 19:17
I was there today near the threshold of 27R, i watched as AF taxied through the Fire Dept water cannon salute and lined up un the runway, as her afterburners lit up I will be honest I had a tear in my eye, she gracefully lifted into her natural home for the last time and my tear turned to a smile.

Farewell Concorde, you inspired me and many others and thanks for those unforgetable memories.

:D :D :D :D

26th Nov 2003, 19:21
Just watched her go over my house in Swindon for the last time. Very sad day, what a crime.

26th Nov 2003, 19:23
Just got back from LHR. The weather was indeed amazing. From our view point, she rotated right infront of us and climbed into the only patch of blue sky. A very moving moment, and one that I will never forget.

I hope everyone at Filton and nearby get the same magical break in the weather.

I very much doubt that anything of such beauty will ever take to the skies again, and I am very proud to say that I was lucky to have been able to see her. As the AA pilot said as she taxied past for take-off; "You're beautiful"

26th Nov 2003, 20:34
Yes, a miraculous clearance in the skies to the west of LHR, so a rapid beetle up to the vantage point in Windsor Great Park. Radio tuned to 121.9 and videocam DOUBLE CONFIRMED on standby (stuffed this up on Alpha Golf's departure!). The little knot of other people gathered round as I relayed progress as Alpha Foxtrot began to taxy.

Suddenly a pompous old git (P.O.G.) turned up in some species of Rover (not well up on those) and advised that we're wasting our time: Concorde departed twenty minutes ago! Two little old ladies expressed their disappointment until I assured them that I was listening to the aircraft, still on the ground. Blow me, P.O.G. began to argue the toss until eventually it dawned that he might be talking to somebody who knew something. P.O.G. wandered off muttering and then, just as Alpha Foxtrot and Heathrow Tower were exchanging their final, emotional, pleasantries on 118.5, his b---dy Rover's alarm started beeping!!

Fortunately, P.O.G. hastened back to silence the wretched thing in time. I've got something semi-reasonable as she came straight over the top, but of course she was going up like a lift ... much, much higher than Alpha Golf's departure.

26th Nov 2003, 22:24
I saw the first take-off from Toulouse on flickering 405 line black-and-white TV all those years ago. Then I saw the first simultaneous commercial service in 1976 on 625 line mono sound colour TV - and today the last landing at Filton on widescreen satellite TV in hi-fi stereo.

We might have made massive progress in the world of TV over the last 34 years or so - but none at all in the field of high speed transport.

Concorde - so far ahead of her time that she made the world go backwards.

Damn you, Skippy.

26th Nov 2003, 23:55
What can I say there was a tear in my eye as I stood at Filton and watched her fly over and then come back and touch down and hear thoses engines shut done for the last time. That beautiful Delta wing nothing else like it :(

Captain Airclues
27th Nov 2003, 00:42
Got to Filton at 12:15. Traffic not too bad. Parked outside Filton Police Station (figured that they they would think that it was one of their own so wouldn't book it). Walked the ten minutes up the closed A38 to the end of the runway. Lovely display by the Spitfire prior to the AF flypast. As she cane in to land the crowd fell silent. When I tried to speak to my son I realised why. Les brought her in for a perfect last touchdown.
So sad that future generations will never experience this. :(


27th Nov 2003, 01:23
To be at Filton today was bitter-sweet. So glad I made it. Can't believe my luck with a day off work. I didn't win a ticket for Filton so I was going to have to improvise! I parked at the Mall by 0930, recce'd the mound behind Kentucky Fried Chicken on the perimeter and to my delight it was halfway along the runway with a great view.

We got so many bites of the cherry - first the sombre flypast into the clag over the severn estuary, saw her turn left for Weston, then out of sight. Enter stage left Spitfire - awesome display - fast, low and sounding so British.

Concorde appeared again, this time from the south and was obviously over the suspension bridge as she jinked towards Filton again. Long sweeping turn overhead south of the field planforming that shape against a broken sky. Seemed to hold the turn forever giving a lasting view of the delta.

Out to the west she went before aiming for Filton once more - long slow approach seemed so very reluctant and slow. She flared and touched down with just the tip of the flight deck visible given the lower ground at the threshold.

She thundered by with some spray and catching everyone unaware the Spitfire victory rolled over the slowing Concorde. Fan-bloody-tastic. Thankyou.

Concorde backtracked and most surprising and unexpected of all she turned obliquely on the runway towards the assembled crowd of joe-public, stopped, raised her nose and sat for a few minutes. The crew opened the windows and flew Union Jacks to massive cheers. Everyone cheered - grown men wept.

She lowered her nose and proceeded, repeated the nose raise and shut down in front of the Filton VIP tent. Silence.

Thankyou to the crew for that most thoughtful of actions, the turn, stop and nose raise for the assembled crowd, most of whom had waited in the rain for hours. It was a superb moment that made our day.


Piton - Great wasn't it!

27th Nov 2003, 01:27
I also was in Filton from about midday - found the embankment behind the shopping center mentioned earlier in this thread (thanks to whoever posted the info - it was great and I would've never found it on my own).

Waited with several hundreds - maybe more.... saw the spitfire, got a bit wet and thoroughly chilled but then there she was! The flyby was cool but even better was when after the landing and the 180turn at the end the crew stopped opposite where we were watching, turned 45 degrees towards the crowd on the embankment and stopped, lowered & raised the nose and waved their flags at us before continuing to the VIP stand further down.

Truly a goosebump moment and worth the 340 mile round trip.

Oops - I guess I was still typing while Slider was posting - Slider your report was way more eloquent than mine. Strange to think of all the prooners on the embankment not knowing each other!

What a day.....

27th Nov 2003, 01:51
Excellent programme tonight on Sat 956 (BBC Points West) - I still cannot believe that the soulless Australian who runs ba can have destroyed this national icon.

I never flew on Concorde - not because I couldn't afford to but because of ba's dirty tricks era. Regrettably my personal vow never to fly ba until Marshall, King and the rest had no further influence on the company have gone forever caused that.

Skippy - you and your henchmen killed a national treasure. We will never forgive you. Thank God Brian Trubshaw never had to witness your miserable treachery.

27th Nov 2003, 01:52
I was on the Clifton suspension bridge, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people on all the obvious vantage points. Quite a sight in itself. The bridge, the camera obscura, the Regency terraces of Clifton, the floating harbour - all that Victorian engineering, all that architecture, such a concentration of the very best of British over the past two hundred years in an extraordinary natural setting. And then over she came. Even Brunel would have been awed by what his descendants had achieved.

27th Nov 2003, 01:56
Sad irony that as we prepare to celebrate a century of powered flight next month, we will, for the first time in 100 years be taking a step backwards!:confused:

simon brown
27th Nov 2003, 03:11
As luck would have it I was in Bristol on business today and got a superb view of the Concorde as she flew overhead the Clifton Downs and indeed the clouds literally parted until she landed, then the skies wept ...:(

27th Nov 2003, 03:28
:{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{ :{

Saw the Anti-Skippy posts - Dont feel sorry for Skippy - anyone heard the rumour that he has been offered a job to run QANTAS when his BA contract ends - now that he has got rid of the BA 'halo' effect that took a lot of business from them - and others = Concorde?. Because pax flew BA subsonic in preferance to other carriers as they felt the higher engineering and flying standards needed to operate Concorde rubbed off to the whole Airline - and it was true - because at the end of the day BA skills levels are just great - its the Manager - Bread Rolls and the other hangers on draining the cash that bring BA down.

Also heard that a big American Airline had a Concorde retirement party last week and had a toast to Skippy as he has made BA - 'just another airline' that will be a lot easier to compete with now.

The business we have chosen to be in like being in a war -and we all sat back (me included) and allowed the enemies victory to happen.

I felt phsically sick seeing a Concorde on the barge on the Hudson - dont they have any shame? How could they agree to that? silly me why ask the questions - we all know the answer is NO. Its all about money.

As one great statesman said "never has so much been done to so many by so few"

Well its over now thay have won and after they killed her off they didnt just leave her - they dismembered her to make sure no one else would ever ever ever could make her better again.

27th Nov 2003, 03:32
At least she lasted longer than TSR2:(

27th Nov 2003, 04:09
I was on Dundry Hill which is to the south of the city and affords a panoramic view of the whole of Bristol, the Severn Bridges, South Wales to the west and the southern Cotswold escarpment to the east. The morning had been frightful with heavy showers of rain and hail. Then around 1240 GMT the sky lightened, the sun came out to highlight a beautiful rainbow beyond the city.

Dundry is a small village and is reached by country lanes. These were congested by sightseers and parked vehicles but a large field had been opened near the church and into this poured over a hundred motor vehicles including mine.

Minutes later AF appeared from the east over the Cotswolds. She flew westwards over Filton airfield which is on the northern edge of the city, about ten miles in a direct line from my vantage point. She reached the Severn estuary before turning south along the Bristol Channel coast to overhead Clevedon and Weston, where she was lost to our sight for several minutes.

She then re-appeared from the south west almost above us before snaking in over the city above the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Downs. We were able to follow her course easily as she flew over the north of the city and back out to the Cotswolds above which she turned to prepare for her last ever approach. We watched every second of that approach to the landing point, and it was only when she actually touched down that we lost sight of her behind buildings.

A spontaneous round of clapping broke out on the windswept hillside ten miles away. I was able to capture most of her final flight over the city and her landing with my video camera. The 20:1 optical zoom has left me with some clear pictures and poignant memories.

Somehow Dundry hill was the right spot from which to both mourn and celebrate the passing into history of the world’s only supersonic airliner. Because just behind us was a steady stream of Boeings, Airbuses and Embraers on final approach to Bristol Airport less than three miles away, a reminder that the aviation world lives on.

The local Bristol radio and television channels provided excellent coverage, with some superb pictures on their early evening bulletins which were devoted entirely to Concorde. There was one incredible sequence taken from above of AF flying over Brunel’s Bridge, the Downs and Clifton’s Georgian crescents.

Surprisingly, the event did not receive the national coverage I expected. Still, we always keep the good things for ourselves in these parts.

27th Nov 2003, 05:11
....watched the proceedings from the A38. A memorable event to put it mildly.
Don't forget the marvellous display put on by the Spitfire in conditions which were not entirely easy, judging by the number of brollies which ended up inside-out!
No mention as to who was piloting the Spit...can anyone advise?

27th Nov 2003, 06:06
Interesting about the jet age.

Aeroplane designs come and go, and yet the two original attempts at jet engine airline transportation still soldier on...the Comet (looking rather strange now in Nimrod disguise), and the Boeing 707, still earning its keep for a few operators (even a few of these stage III).

Concorde, a flash in the pan, which never made a cent (using proper accounting methods, not pie-in-the sky nonsense)for any airline operating it.

Wee Weasley Welshman
27th Nov 2003, 06:50
Watched the Bristol flyby from the pan - very nice handover from Tower back to Filton Approach, along the lines of:

"Well, I saw the very first flight of your aircraft and today I've seen the last - call Filton Radar on...."


Much better than Tricky Dicky getting hold of them for a couple of months of free advertising.



27th Nov 2003, 07:20
Just one piccy for now, got to get to bed, more tomorrow...



27th Nov 2003, 07:47
Great shot, thanks for sharing it. A truly terrible and backward day for avaition, can't believe that its been allowed to happen.

Fingers crossed that one day, just maybe, she will be airborne again, where she belongs.

Whispering Giant
27th Nov 2003, 08:36
Today was a Sad Sad day for British Aviation....No More will her wonderfull grafull lines grace the deep blue yonder.

I had the pleasure of being involved with some of the Concorde op's with my previous employer when she used to do her occasional charter's from Filton and i will personally sorely miss her as will my Father who was involved with her also when she was being built as he was Chief Avionics engineer on the Concorde project and was a good friend of Brian Trubshaw who was his boss.

I just wish i had been able to get to Filton myself today to witness her final landing - but alas i am in the middle of working night's.

She was and always will be the crowning glory to British Aviation
History and she will never be forgotton by the those who had anything to do with her or by the British public.

She will be rembered fondly by everyone - and she just goes to show that the American's cant beat us at everything.......

Folkyphil - the spit you saw would have most likely been piloted by Andy Sephton - Chief Pilot for Rolls Royce.


27th Nov 2003, 12:39
Who were the pilots & flt. eng on the last flight? Anyone know?
DamienB...Great photo... thx

27th Nov 2003, 13:22
"Surprisingly, the event did not receive the national coverage I expected. Still, we always keep the good things for ourselves in these parts."

Luckily the Clifton overflight and arrival at Filton was included in the BBC Nightly News on PBS here in the US - even to the interviews so it may have been the Bristol area report.

Can't beleive it's nearly 30 years ago I was woken up by a VFW614 while staying at the BAe Hostel in the old Married Quarters on the other side of the runway. We were part of a Hurn team helping out No. 8 D.O. (aka Concorde Design).

One question - why Barbados?

Chilli Monster
27th Nov 2003, 14:30

Spit display was flown by Phil O'Dell (known to all as 'POD') who replaced Andy Sephton last year.


PF was Les Brodie, PNF Mike Bannister, can't remember Eng's surname but first name was Warren.

CM (the last person ever to vector Concorde onto an ILS :{ )

27th Nov 2003, 15:52
I was proud to have been at LHR yesterday to witness that beautiful aircraft roar down 27R for the last time. There were many big men with damp eyes as she lifted off and powered upwards on what seemed to be a never-ending climbout into a magically clearing sky.

So, now she is back whence she came all those years ago, and thankfully free of the BA beancounters, what are the chances that her erstwhile makers will just manage to find a way to keep her flying after all?

Or have the "decommissioners" already been at work on alpha foxtrot too to make sure that no one will ever be able to get her airborne again..........

27th Nov 2003, 15:53
Very sad day.
I managed to get a ticket so was on the airfield north of the runway. It was packed. I have also taken a few pictures, if they come out good I will put some here but as my hands were frozen to my camera I am not holding my breath.

27th Nov 2003, 16:53
Changing the subject slightly........

What happened to the Tupolev Tu144 Concordski that was test flying in the USA recently ?

Do I remember correctly that it had been fitted out with American avionics etc ?

Ian H

Man Flex
27th Nov 2003, 17:14
Isn't it interesting reading all the posts that describe the death of a close relative or friend?

This was what Concorde meant to people - she was much more than a piece of technology. She had purpose and meaning. She had respect the world over. She had an aura about her which no other aircraft has ever had.

She really was alive. Now she's gone forever.


Shaggy Sheep Driver
27th Nov 2003, 17:32
Being unable to get to LHR or Bristol yesterday I watched the BBC main evening news at 10:00 pm to at least see this historic event second hand. Nothing. Zilch. Not a mention of the last flight.

What sort of priorities do the luvvies that run the BBC have???


27th Nov 2003, 17:45
SSD, you needed to catch Points West at 18:30 yesterday. Almost all the programme was Concorde - the weather presenter was even in AF.

27th Nov 2003, 18:36
Chilli Monster

The flight engineer yesterday was Warren Hazelby (apologies to him if I have spelt his surname incorrectly).

He is a Bristolian, born at Southmead Hospital, which lies within a mile or so of Filton airfield.

Very apposite.

27th Nov 2003, 19:57
Thankyou We Weasley Welshman,
You will be number 1 for the ILS next time! I would just like to point out that I was only a young lad when I watched the first Concorde flight in 1969.....sure didn't think I'd be the last but one controller to work it on I'ts very last flight way back then!
Only sorry he wouldn't take the hint about the low fly-by!

27th Nov 2003, 23:04
The flight engineer yesterday was Warren Hazelby (apologies to him if I have spelt his surname incorrectly).

What a nice Engineering Flight Manager he must have to allow him, as a Bristolian, to operate the last flight. Alas the pilots flight managers are not that way inclined.

I wonder who this manager is.

27th Nov 2003, 23:45
I have watched concorde fly in and out of Heathrow since before I can remember, and not once did I think that I might be the last ATCO to issue it with a landing clearance. I was proud to share that privileged moment with my children. It was an honour tinged with sadness.

What a beautiful bird.


Captain Airclues
28th Nov 2003, 00:48

Warren Hazelby is the Chief Flight Engineer


28th Nov 2003, 03:55
ITV2 News24 and Sky News gave good coverage. Showed Concorde for quite a while before final approach plus landing.

BBC could not really be bothered even on News24 as it was more important to show the state opening of parliament over and over and.....

Anyone else got photos to share then? For anyone else who is fick like me that excellent photo on the previous page is of the landing not the take off !! I had to go check! Doh!

28th Nov 2003, 03:56
Thanks Captain Airclues,

My post was rather tongue in cheak, it was obvious that porky would surround himself with his management cronies for the last flight.

Hopefully the return transport will be the duty Ford Transit that we all travelled in at times.


28th Nov 2003, 05:10
A selection of piccies can be found in the aviation history & nostalgia forum (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=110369).

28th Nov 2003, 05:23
The Western Daily Press is offering a 33" x 22" colour poster (free with tokens from the paper) of the Concorde over Clifton Suspension bridge picture.

Also the Press gave a web site where a video of Wednesday's flight can be obtained - www.1st-take.com (1st Take Video, Yate, Nr Bristol).

Good Viewing

28th Nov 2003, 06:05
Thanks for the link Damien. Great photos as usual.

28th Nov 2003, 06:20
Another good item on satellite ch 956 tonight - including a continuous sequence taken from a helicopter showing the entire final approach and landing.

Last night they had that miserable, soulless Australian who attempts to run ba featured for a short while. Can anyone quite so bland and utterly uninspiring really have been responsible for the end of this national icon?

As I've said before, I have a feeling that if old mad Maggie was still in No 10, then Skippy would have had a grade 1 no tea, no biscuits handbagging and have been told to wise up and keep Concorde flying.

ba - just another anonymous airline with nothing special about them any more......

29th Nov 2003, 03:44
Chilli Monster, were you on tower as well as approach, I have to admit that the exchange after touchdown brought a tear to my eye. Was it you who said "Welcome home"?

Chilli Monster
29th Nov 2003, 04:10

I was doing approach - Legs11 was doing tower.

29th Nov 2003, 06:59
Why oh why is there so much red tape in this country when it comes to keeping our famous landmaks of aviation in flying condition. Stateside, there seems to be a wealth of old machines lovingly restored and maintained with the blessing and assistance of the FAA.

In the UK its a different story. Put it in a museum and lets wash our hands of it. When its made its last flight, dont look to us to get it back in the air. One less hassle as far as we are concerned.

Examples? Well you don't have to be a top spotter to name a few.

The Vulcan, the Comet and now the Concorde.

The Comet is perhaps one aircraft that deserves to be kept flying as (to remind the yanks) was the very first jet airliner unless you Canadians still think that Vaccuum Cleaner you had can be considered the first. Anyway the most widely known and famous aircraft to ever grace the skies is sat at Bruntingthorpe in ground taxi condition. If a few well meaning folks hadnt of spoken up at the time, the RAF would have just cut her up for scrap. But then stories abounded about how sponsors were going to get her back in the air and re-enact the very first LHR to Joburg in resplendent BOAC colours. The first jet service I do believe. But thanks to the CAA and Bae, No design authority then no fly.

Surely there must be a case for exceptions to the rules when it comes to aircraft of historic importance.

I know it costs money to keep these machines in the air but its not always money that keeps them on the ground.

So to Concorde. G-BOAF is back at Filton where she was built in the mighty Brabazon Hanger. She is at home with her makers and all the local expertise that put G-BSST in the air back in 69.
If there was ever a case for keeping an aircraft in flying condition, then it couldnt be in a beter place .BA hinted that she would do a few airshows after her retirement but in all the coverage in the media about the final flights and history, there seems to be little mension of what happens next.

Yesterday she touched down fully serviceable and fully able to fly again. Dont let time tick by as each day she sits there is another notch in her permanent grounding.

The airframe has got years of life left and the crews are still current so lets get some pressure on Mr Blair and his merry men to do something about it.

The Rugby World Cup brought pride back to our nation so while we are in a patriotic mood, lets lobby the government to stick some cash into a worthwhile project and give something back to all the people involved in what is still arguably the most beautiful aircraft to ever grace thew skies.

Coop & patriotic bear

Noah Zark.
29th Nov 2003, 07:15
I sent an e-mail to the USS. Intrepid Museum in New York, asking how they were going to look after 'A D now that it resides on a barge (!) on the Hudson River, getting attacked by the salt-laden atmosphere.
A person was kind enough to reply that they have a preservation plan using the combined efforts of engineers from B.A. and the Stevens Institute. In addition, they go on, they have tapped into the expertise of the Imperial War Museum's Restoration Facility at Duxford, where (quote) " they have preserved a Concorde for more than twenty years in an environment much more harsh than this one." unquote.

29th Nov 2003, 18:50
So is this the end of the line for our long heritage in peerless aviation design? The innovation that the inhabitants of the British Isles has brought to aviation is extraordinary, but I fear that the sun has set on our prowess as a great engineering nation, although in truth it probably set 20 years ago.

No young kids want to do maths/physics/engineering degrees anymore because you have to work extremely hard and a degree in "Media Studies" is a doddle by comparison. The fact is that many students graduating today with degrees are totally unemployable (believe me I know), apprenticeships are long gone leaving few (if any) mechanisms for the older generation to pass on their skills, but most importantly, their enthusiasm.

I was left very depressed after an argument with a FE at Dallas last October who insisted that Boeing had invented the Jet Engine. He genuinely believed it and had never heard of Frank Whittle. I sure it won't be long before the equivalent U-471 distortion of history film comes along.

So what does it matter? I know that I sound like an old git (probably has to do with my age) but to me I really mourn the passing of this age. But don't misunderstand me; fantastic (and commercially oriented) innovation is going on all around me over here in East Anglia, it just isn't happening in aviation and general engineering any more. Maybe some day again it will.

I was thirteen when I first witnessed the awesome grace and lines of an airborne Spitfire, an experience that eventually propelled me into the skies. But Concorde has to be the most elegant and awe-inspiring aircraft ever seen in the earth's sky (no argument Coppervane).

Sleep well sweet lady.


no sponsor
29th Nov 2003, 23:54
I live about 10 miles from Duxford, and every year I go around the museum to have a look - it really is worth it, by the way. The Concorde used to be kept outside, but for the last number of years, she has been in the hanger - as most Brits would know Duxford is a long way from the sea. Give it a few years, and G-BOAD will be totally knackered judging by her proximity to the sea and her outside location.

What was it that that good for nothing BA CEO said about preservation and the 'homes' they were going to?

Does anyone know what the Seattle and Intrepid museums paid for my Concordes? (I recall a figure of £500K for Manchester.)

30th Nov 2003, 00:27
Woodpecker, you said:

What a nice Engineering Flight Manager he must have to allow him, as a Bristolian, to operate the last flight. Alas the pilots flight managers are not that way inclined.

The operating Flight Engineer wasn't Warren. It was one of the Senior Training Flight Engineers. Warren was a supernumerary onboard for the flight. They had three Captains (all managers) and two flight engineers .

And, funningly enough, Warren used to be the Chief Flight Engineer for BA years back when there were 700 F/Es in the company. As of now, there are only 17 - and Warren had become the Flight Manager (Technical) for Concorde.


Noah Zark.
30th Nov 2003, 04:40
I didn't know that the Concordes had been SOLD to the museums. That makes me feel a lot better about it.
Like Hell! :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

30th Nov 2003, 12:54
Having passed the Concorde model at Heathrow for the umpteenth time - they really should look at doing something else there.
On the base it says - "British Airways Concorde Timeless"


30th Nov 2003, 14:57
A little amendment to read: "Concorde - timeless, ba - useless"

1st Dec 2003, 06:32
Two Tun suggested Warren was not the operating engineer, but he was quick enough to get in the operating FE's seat as soon as the cameras arrived.

Northern Highflyer
1st Dec 2003, 20:58
Try this link for pictures and audio of the last Concorde departure.