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7th Nov 2003, 04:38
Heard today that there is a two stage plan to change the taxiway designations at Heathrow. This will be based on ICAO and CAA standards, using a numerical system for the stands (already implemented) and alphabetical lettering for the taxiways.

Stage 1 - From 27th Nov

All the cul de sacs will have an alphabetic designator to replace the block numbers.

The runway holding areas will be assigned names, but for the moment will keep their block numbers.

Stage 2 - From O:00 on 14th March 2004

All block numbers are to be withdrawn and the taxiways will then be referred to only by there alhabetical titles. The outer taxiway will be Alpha, the inner taxiway will be Bravo etc and the blocks between will be 'links'. The entrance to the runway holds will also have names and all runway entry/egress points (At both Cat 1 and Cat 3 holds) will have alphanumeric titles.




Mark Lewis
7th Nov 2003, 04:42
The 2nd one was unveiled with a little less detail a few months ago before they changed the stand numbers, but at the time that happened they withdraw the culdisac letter designations and changed it to numbers! I would be surprised if they changed it back!

7th Nov 2003, 04:46
It's all barking mad... Read / write to CHIRP.. already a good thread going there...


7th Nov 2003, 17:17
Stand numbers will not be going back to alphanumerics. Althougth each cul-de-sac will get a letter designation as part of the new taxiways, so the old Bravos will be taxiway Juliet, the old Charlies will be taxiway Kilo etc. So maybe one could say stand Kilo 122 or Juliet 119?

7th Nov 2003, 18:17
New maps with all the new annotations are readily available in glorious Technicolour - they have been in our in our crew room for two weeks!

Once the Luddites who remember Trident Turn or Comet Corner retire from the scene then this thread will assume the importance it deserves.

Anne :D