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7th Nov 2003, 02:05
Hi all

been meaning to post this up for a while now, but i was wondering about something

This summer matty went to newquay for a hol with the lads. You'll remember the week we went - it was the one that rained. Anyway, whilst on the coach down, in cornwall somewhere we passed a garage with a lightning on a pole outside. Any ideas where i can get more info on it? anyone live near it?

I think the garage was called "Jet Cars" or something.


7th Nov 2003, 03:09
Castle Motors garage, Liskeard, Cornwall. See here (http://www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk/lightning/survivorspics5.html)

Background Noise
7th Nov 2003, 05:14
I'm pretty sure there's one in a garden down there somewhere as well - but then that could be a 'was' now!

7th Nov 2003, 05:32
Perhaps the Garage link isn't too clear, it's because the garage is also a heliport for the http://www.castleair.co.uk/ helicopters.

Remember "Treasure Hunt" (recently revived)? Well, that's where the helicopter's were (are) from.

7th Nov 2003, 22:59
BN - quite a few airframes and spares went to S Africa (there is a T5 flying there).

I tracked down one slighlty 'sorry' F3 in a garden north of Liskeard and a better Mk6 near Callington. There is another in that area and of course Jeremy Clarkson is supposed to have one in his garden!

7th Nov 2003, 23:46
Does Jeremy still have a Lightning in his garden? Thought I read somewhere that it was only on temporary loan, and that Mrs 'C' wanted rid.

Background Noise
8th Nov 2003, 01:55
BOAC - That's the one - on the inside of the bend in the road just SW of Callington. Must get down there some time.

8th Nov 2003, 02:49
BN - a real aviation enthusiast, the owner - very pleasant - and he has done much to get the beasts to SA. He said he was on the way to repainting and mounting the Mk6.