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flying paddy
5th Nov 2003, 21:00
Did anyone who took the Gen Nav Paper today (5 Nov) spot the typo error on the runway crosswind question, I cannot remember the exact words but the wind velocity was only 4 Kts and all the answers where aroung the 30 something kts. I thought that this was a particularly long exam with plenty of 2 or more mark questions, and having seen only one person walk out early, thought everyone was pressed for time. I have spoke to flight school regarding the above question, and he believes that if it was writen so we would have a case for complaint as it effected our ability to finish the exam in time, ( trying to make sense of their question). If anyone out there agrees with me ( I may well be wrong,brain hurts right now) and can remember the exact wording will they please put it up on the board, and we can put our case to the CAA.

oxford blue
5th Nov 2003, 22:36
The e-mail to the CAA from this FTO has already gone this morning. From the question as recalled by one of our students this morning, it is obvious that the W/V was supposed to be 280/40, not 4. The CAA take appeals from FTOs through CGIs seriously, and if the wording is as I was told it, I am sure that everyone who attempted the misprinted question will be given the marks.

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