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21st Feb 2002, 14:33
I have couple of questions for Cat II/III qualified pilots:

i) What use (if any) do you make of PAPI/VASI at decision height when undertaking a Cat II/IIIa approach? I.e. is it an input when you make the decision to land.

ii) If you use the PAPI/VASI at DH would a high or low indication cause you to initiate a go-around?

Many thanks in advance.

21st Feb 2002, 15:56
PAPI/VASI have no function in cat II/III app.

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21st Feb 2002, 17:38
For example, down vision angle at DH with a constant minimum visual range only small ALS and TLS segments are visible. When PAPI/VASI could be supposedly perceptible the airplane is just few feet above the runway or has already started a rejected landing due to several reasons but never because of PAPI/VASI indication. In short, under reduced visibility everything seems to happen very fast, so there's no time and PF is unable to evaluate airplane profile descent using external approach path cues.

21st Feb 2002, 18:01
I still recall being taught that PAPI/VASI indications,below 200 feet, are unreliable <img src="redface.gif" border="0">


21st Feb 2002, 20:38
Thanks to all for the quick and clear response.

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