View Full Version : G-BOAC at Manchester

1st Nov 2003, 23:24
Now firmly in the nostalgia category, G-BOAC made its last flight yesterday to Manchester Airport. It will be well looked after though, but the process of decommissioning the engines started almost as soon as she landed...



Compass Call
2nd Nov 2003, 00:07
Nice picture f4 . What are the bars in front of the mainwheels? Frogcatchers?:E


Shaggy Sheep Driver
2nd Nov 2003, 00:31
I watched her land yesterday. What exactly are they removing from her before she goes on display? Be a shame if they take lots of stuff out - won't look right with daylight shining through from intakes to tailpipes if engines removed, or bare bits inside where equipment has been taken out.


2nd Nov 2003, 00:57
Compass Call - Thanks. The bars are simple deflectors as far as I am aware, but I can think of many Frogs that deserve squashing :E

SSD - They wouldn't say exactly but it was more a process of inhibiting the engines rather than remove them completely. No chance of taxying it around the airport in the future, more's the pity. :(

2nd Nov 2003, 06:45
I can reveal that the bars in front of the mainwheels are there to stop the locals nicking the wheels.

:E :p

Shaggy Sheep Driver
2nd Nov 2003, 18:50
Oooh, DB! Wrong end of the Ship Canal methinks:cool:


Dr Illitout
3rd Nov 2003, 02:02
They are removeing anything that can be re-used on the B.A. fleet (life jackets etc). Any thing dangerous, fire bottles squibs, batterys and such like. They are also setting the escape slides off and draining all the fuel.They are keeping everything visable intact. It is staying outside this winter but it will be undercover next winter.

3rd Nov 2003, 04:37
See, in Man 5 minutes and people are nicking bits off it... ;)

Anyway here she is taking off for the last time ever :{


Rotated and entered cloud seconds later, and that was it... one minute there was a few hundred people by the perimeter fence, next minute just a bunch of people walking away.