View Full Version : Curtains for WWI Camp Borden hangars

1st Nov 2003, 00:42
I'm neither a Canadain, nor a historian, but thought some of you might be interested, or be able to suggest methods to prevent the following happening...
I had a phone call this morning regarding the WWI hangars at Camp Borden, ON. Inspite of their significant connections to the RCAF history, the Canadian Minister of Defence (same guy who referred to 'Vimy' as 'Vichy' - obviously has a deep and abiding interest in his country's military history - shades of Mayor Daley and Meigs Field) has ordered them to be demolished. Found a couple of articles on the web about them - quite an interesting history..


I don't know if there already is an organisation working to save the hangars, infact, I know very little about them, but feel that it would be a shame for Canada's aviation and military history if they were to be destroyed.