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Flying Lawyer
25th Oct 2003, 15:41
I thought fellow Concorde lovers might like to see this video an American friend sent me.

It was filmed by one of the JFK ATCO's standing at the side of the runway, and shows Concorde lining up, departing and climbing out over Jamaica Bay towards the Atlantic.
The roar of the engines is loud - you may want to adjust your speakers. :D

It's a big file which takes some time to load, but well worth the wait. It will stream on broadband but you may want to download and save it, especially if you're on dial-up.

6:23, Dolby Stereo Surround Sound 5.1, 1Mb video quality, 44Mb file.

Concorde (http://www.daveschoen.com/finalbrit.wmv)

And, in case anyone missed the BBC coverage (different Concorde) at LHR ..........
LHR (http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/video/39489000/rm/_39489183_concorde16_2landings_vi.ram)

I've had many e-mails telling me the 'Concorde' link is occasionally suspended. I assume we're overloading the server.
Try this alternative - same video:

End of an Era (http://www.airforums.net/concorde/finalbrit.wmv)

Tudor Owen

25th Oct 2003, 17:03
Excellent JFK departure video - well worth the download time, if anyone's wondering.

Thanks for the post guys

Jordan D
25th Oct 2003, 18:32
Excellent video footage of the take off.


25th Oct 2003, 18:47
Can you say who shot the video - who ever it is could not have judged that take off position much more acccurately.

25th Oct 2003, 19:56
VERY GOOD! Superb video.



25th Oct 2003, 20:13

"filmed by one of the JFK ATCO's" - which probably explains how he knew where to stand. :D

Stan Sted
26th Oct 2003, 04:32

I've finally had a chance to download and watch the JFK mini clip and found it was absolutely superb.

Perhaps the cameraman was shaking a little and perhaps his panning and zooming was a little wobbly (I'm sure we would all do the same in the circumstances) but it captured the atmosphere of the occasion perfectly and the ATC banter was the ideal commentary.

thanks very much for putting it here for our enjoyment.
The clip of the LHR arrivals was great too!



26th Oct 2003, 04:51

I played it a few times before I found out it was good enough quality for full screen. I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else was as dumb as me. Duh!

26th Oct 2003, 05:02
Very nice footage, thanks :ok:

26th Oct 2003, 05:24
Great video.
I have broadband.
The clip came up in Windows media player and I don't seem to be able to save it.
Can anyone advise me?


G-Foxtrot Oscar 69
26th Oct 2003, 05:28
G-FO69 Would like to pass thenks to you and your friend. That footage was unique:ok:

Sick Squid
26th Oct 2003, 05:30
Right-click on the link in Flying Lawyers first post, and save it to disk. If you've already streamed it, it might take no time at all to save... warning, this advice comes from a Mac user!!

Flying Lawyer
26th Oct 2003, 16:39
Here's another video, this one filmed by a refueller at Kennedy.

The picture quality isn't quite as good as the first video posted, but it still captures the atmosphere of the day very well.

Sound quality is good, blending in the final goodbyes between ATC and Concorde. The audio continues after the pictures stop.

Goodbye BA SST (http://www.107th.net/jfktower/kjfk_goodbye_ba_sst.WMV )

To save a video:

Right click on the link,
then click on "Save target as ...."


26th Oct 2003, 17:33
Flying Lawyer,

Many thanks for another wonderful video! I know its something i will keep for many years to come!! :ok:

Jordan D
26th Oct 2003, 19:08
Another wonderful video ... thanks very much.


26th Oct 2003, 21:31
I heard they were spraying coloured water on Concorde just before she left of red, white and blue, however have not see a picture of such - anyone got a link?

26th Oct 2003, 22:22
Well done FL,

I managed to shoot 2 rolls of film on Friday, and watch the BBC2 coverage (recorded) without crying.

Then I spend 3 hours downloading the 1st video, and the shot of Concorde sitting at the end of the runway at JFK awaiting clearance has me crying!

If you are on dial-up, i.e. 1p a minute and you're not sure if to download or not - do it! You will not be disappointed.

Many thanks FL, a sad sad day, please thank your friend for making this footage available to us all.


Flying Lawyer
27th Oct 2003, 13:54
Another video, filmed from the other side of the water from the first one posted.
Distant shot of the take-off, but good shot of Concorde climbing out. The quality is good enough for full-screen.
It's short and shouldn't take too long to download on dial-up connections.

Click ..... http://airliners.net/photos/small/7/9/5/445597.jpg (http://www.geocities.com/bigphilnyc/VideoClipoftheWeek102603.htm)

I've been asked to point out that, for best results, all videos should be allowed to load fully before playing. (Thanks Brian G.)

27th Oct 2003, 14:54
Wonderful footage. Many thanks.

It's weird to think that some three hours later I saw her passing over Blackheath. Sigh....

28th Oct 2003, 00:59
FL thanks for posting these videos (and the previous AF one)

Mrs D&O and I had the joy of flying in her back from JFK a few months ago. So seeing the departure from the outside is great!


Red 69
28th Oct 2003, 03:30
Probably not the right forum but I'm sure you'll move it for me!

RT transcripts from the final 3 Concorde flights on 24.10.2003






28th Oct 2003, 03:53
Thanks for the audio file, chum. It probably breaks all sorts of piddling regulations, but people will still marvel at the sound in years to come.

28th Oct 2003, 04:08
Just a quick note of appreciation the videos that you have posted are fantastic, especially the runwayside one, please let those that took these know that they have made some people very happy. Well me and the wife anyway.

28th Oct 2003, 04:21
Just driven past the maintenance hangars at LHR and there they
stand 2 outside in the dark, one tucked up in an adjacent hangar.Bloody sad.

28th Oct 2003, 05:54
I can only echo the appreciation of all the others here - thankyou V much.

She'll be sadly missed :(

28th Oct 2003, 05:55
Fantastic audio file, thanks for posting!


Jordan D
28th Oct 2003, 07:50
Good Sound File ... I wonder how many regs that breaks?


28th Oct 2003, 08:01
Thanks for the vids FL.

Thanks for the audio file jetset........I enjoyed it, proving I truly am a sad git! :p

Stall Warning
28th Oct 2003, 18:57

Assuming (!) you're running a fairly up to date windows OS, your download will be saved in your Temporary Internet Files folder - that is, if you haven't deleted the contents.
To access them, go to your Control Panel and select Internet options. The middle section of the window that appears deals with Teporary Internet Files. Click Settings, then click View Files.
You will probably then be faced with a huge list. The downloaded file will be easy to find because it's so big. Just click on the word 'size' at the head of the size column, and your files will be ordered in ascending order of size. Scroll right to the bottom and you should find the file there.
Click once on the file to highlight it and then click 'Copy This Item'. A browse widow will open and you can select a suitable destination from which you can access it in future.

This certainly works for XP, but your system may be different. Good luck.

28th Oct 2003, 19:15
Hey folks.
Excellent Videos!
I'd just like to saty, I videod Concordes las tLanding and Take off in Edinburgh.

I'm still to edit yet. Any interest?

I was very close to the runway, with a good camera and a tripod. So the quality will be good.

28th Oct 2003, 19:27
Go for it Bmused55.
It could prove to be the penultimate landing and take-off of G-BOAE's life in the UK, and its last ever passenger flight.


29th Oct 2003, 00:24
Thanks for the great videos. :ok:

29th Oct 2003, 16:35
Concorde ATC recordings


Right Click on the link about and then on the drop down menu select "save target as" then save it to the location you want on your hard drive.

Its really moving. A 12 min conversation between ATC and AF/AE/AG on 24/10

High quality!

Thanks to Chris for the website link and Steve Jerome for the original recording

29th Oct 2003, 23:34
Sorry to say that the ISP seems to have suspended the account of the last Concorde departure from JFK. I assume they didn't like the bandwidth usage! Is there any where else one can find the file?


Harry G
30th Oct 2003, 00:11
I find it a strange step backwards in technology that it took me longer to download that excellent video than it took the rocket to cross the Atlantic....

30th Oct 2003, 04:00
Apparently, that doyen of non-political correctness (hurrah for that from me) Jeremy Clarkson said something like....

"That's one small step for me, one giant leap backwards for mankind"

....after disembarking from BAW002 last Friday.

Obvious, but still funny.

Wonder if he's asked to have one for his front garden (from the space he had for the Lightning, it looked like it would fit!)

Flying Lawyer
30th Oct 2003, 08:00

At your service! ;)

Try ~

Alternative link to Concorde video (http://www.airforums.net/concorde/finalbrit.wmv)

Jordan D
30th Oct 2003, 18:10
Would definitely have some interest from my corner on EDI last take off/landing pics .... were you by any chance on top of a car when you were recording those pics ... if so I saw you!


31st Oct 2003, 01:28
G-BOAC departs 09:55 31 October from T/1 LHR bound for MANchester.

1st Nov 2003, 00:25
Just tried to get concorde video... and got pic of aArnold pointing and saying no. I viewed it yesterday, and thought I dl'ed it, but can't find it. It's a great video!!!!!

4th Nov 2003, 03:16
Both links to the 'finalbrit' video are broken - anyone mirroring it?

Flying Lawyer
4th Nov 2003, 07:15
Not sure what the problem is, I'll try to find out.

In the meantime, enjoy these old pics of Concorde -









4th Nov 2003, 14:11
The second link to the Concorde video 'End of an Era' is working again now.

4th Nov 2003, 14:41
Corrrr,, more super pics... thanks Flying Lawyer, and to all of you who have been poosting smashing photos on this and other threads...

Now, anyone got a good one of Ray Hanna and Stephen Grey at Biggin Hill accompanying Concorde in their respective Spitfire IXs? Think it was 86...


4th Nov 2003, 16:47
Sorry Heliport, I can't get that link to work at all. Has the host website started blocking access like the first one?

4th Nov 2003, 23:03
Treaders, have a look at:


Here's some of my own from the last trip to Edinburgh


4th Nov 2003, 23:24
same problem here - claims the file is not there.

5th Nov 2003, 00:11
Cheers Wub - methinks Alan Edwards was standing near me!


5th Nov 2003, 07:41
There are 3 links in the first Flying Lawyer post.

(1) Concorde
This was a link to the video of Concorde leaving JFK.
It now appears to be permanently disabled.

(2) LHR
This is a link to the BBC coverage of a different Concorde landing at LHR.
It is still working.

(3) End of an Era
This is an alternative link to the video of Concorde leaving JFK.
ie the same video as (1) above.
It still works, except (I assume) when the server is overloaded.
I checked it a few minutes ago and it was working.


13th Nov 2003, 03:14
Good news for anyone who's been frustrated by this over the last couple of weeks. I was able to get the video today from the first of those links ("Concorde") in the original post on this thread.