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22nd Oct 2003, 21:10
The October exam results arrived today, so congrats to everyone that passed them all. I guess a few of you will be out on the beer tonight to celebrate. Alas for me that day is yet to come.I have got 11 of these things in the bag now all passes in the high 80s, low 90s. however i seem to be getting lost when it comes to G-nav.
i dont know where i went wrong (62%).
It doesnt help that you don't get to see what areas you lost marks in, and i thought i had passed this time.
I am willing to spend alot of time and money on instruction for gnav, even going back to the begining and learning the subject from scratch.
Does anyone know of a cool g- nav instructor , with a level of teaching talent like Sir Alex at Bristol for mass and balance, or Lord Stenden at Oxford for met?
How did everyone else do? Did anyone else get a bummer in G- nav?

High Wing Drifter
22nd Oct 2003, 21:43

Sorry to hear about that. I am sure you'll get it cracked soon.

May I ask where the problem areas in G-Nav are? Many students seem to struggle in the actual exam compared to study. I feel I need to get a handle on which areas I really need to home in on.

Good luck for the retake,

22nd Oct 2003, 22:15
Flyfish - speak to Send Clowns he may able to help you out. Congrats with the results.


Canada Goose
22nd Oct 2003, 22:25

Was still sleepy eyed at 7:30 this morning and saw a large envelope on the floor. I didn't think it as the results until I flipped it over and there was a the CAA logo on the front !! Panic time ! I had to look it over a few times for it to sink in I'd passed them all !! I felt for sure, Instruments was going to be a resit. Mind you, I wasn't far off - I got 75% ....... phew !! Lucky in the extreme !!

Flyfish, sorry to hear about your G-nav nightmare. One thing I personally noticed after doing some mock papers was that I was getting things wrong even though in theory, I knew the answers. Either hadn't read the question properly (RTFQ2) or made an error in a calculation or transposition, and in gen nav there is plenty of opportunity to do this. It's a tough one alright !! Time is a big factor as well. I was literally reaching over to fill in my last answer box when the envigilator asked averyone to put their pencils down !! Certainly got the old adrenalin pumping !! I think you make a good point though about not being able to see what you got wrong. The thought crossed my mind this morning.

To all the October sitters ... I hope postie brought you good news. Too late to say good luck really !!

Many thanks to all the Bristol team for their top notch notes and prepping !! :ok:



22nd Oct 2003, 22:29
High wing hello , I wish I could answer that. As you dont know where you went wrong and only get the exam result its difficult to judge where the weaknesses are.
i thought the plotting was pretty straight forward as were the PNR , PET type questions. there was very little trig or departure , however the training seemed to concentrate highly on those areas.
I have always been 'frightened' of this subject more than any other and wonder if that fear has anything to do with it.
As i said I thought the exam seemed straight forward compared to some of the papers I had done at my school. Rest assured, i intend to be an expert before i sit this pig again.

Hi Jingster, hows it going, got many more to sit?
Have you had training with Send Clowns? Bournemouth isnt he?

Canada goose, well done on the results, funny thing, i sat the instruments paper this time thought it was harder than G-nav, yet i walked an 89% in it.makes no sense to me.
good point on the RTFQ, perhaps thats an issue to be addressed.

23rd Oct 2003, 00:39
Got the result of my last resit today. Happy to report a pass in PoF so thats it, I've got the lot now. On to the CPL flying (prob' in the new year).

The main reason for responding to this thread is to put on record my thanks and admiration for the the staff at BGS.

To those considering starting of down the modular route, it has been said many times and will be said many more times, if you go with these guys, you will not do better. I'm a 40 year old thick Yorkshire Fireman - go figure!

23rd Oct 2003, 03:13
Just put P of F in the bag, thats it i got the lot now!!! Looking back over the last year i didnt think i would ever get here.

Good Luck to all.


23rd Oct 2003, 06:40
Bagged the last one today PoF 3rd time lucky,thats all 14 done and dusted.

Many thanks to all the staff at BGS for their help and support.

Send Clowns
23rd Oct 2003, 08:20
Yes, I am at Bournemouth, and ready and waiting to help. Any small question detail in a "private message" (include an email address, makes conversation easier) and I'll try to help by remote. Anything further, again contact me by PM or phone (look at the website) and we can arrange some assistance!

Good luck anyway.

Send Clowns
Bournemouth Commercial Flight Training

24th Oct 2003, 00:00
Flyfish -

A day with Send Clowns sorted me out; A true professional and money well spent.

24th Oct 2003, 18:01
Yep thats me sorted 14 in the bag, 1 required Instruments on the 3rd attempt 75%, required 75% achieved, cut it a bit thin I know but a pass is a pass and I'm a happy ******.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the CAA who have made my life a living misery these last 12 months with their god awful exams, with their verbose and and fragantly worded questions, their trick questions, the lack of an Exam venue north of the Watford Gap, the 1000's spent, the unsightly 3/4 of a stone in weight I've acquired, my alcohol depency, my 20 a day ciggarette habit, my hairloss, the 12 months inscessant whinging of my my girlfriend, and finally God & the Universe.


24th Oct 2003, 18:46
still can't believe got passes in all of my exams in MOD 1. Magic! Thanks GTS.

Now on to Mod 2. Any words of advice from those who have been before me????

One question about exam centres......why the hell is there no testing centre between Bedford and Glasgow anyone close to the CAA care to reply. Can't see any good reason for it except that the folks down at Gatwick don't want to do overnights in the grim north cos they still think we're all on gaslights and the hotels have outside toilets next 'tut' coal cellar.

There are masses of colleges and universities with the facilities necessary to undertake the ATPLs, and it doesn't require a rocket scientist to stand out the front and tell you the exam number and start time.

One word of advice for the CAA about the supervising staff at their exams. For godsake get them some [email protected]<hidden>@<hidden> trainers. The exam centre I was at had a wooden floor and the CAA bods were sat on raised wooden steps. The bird from the CAA kept pacing up and down every 2 mintues in her heels disturbing everyone in the exam. Cheers for that CAA! and it cost me 350 for the priviledge.

Congrats to all those who passed! See the rest of you in Mod 2. Somewhere.....................................south of Watford!

24th Oct 2003, 20:46
Thanks turbo, I am in the process of contacting Clowns to 'sort' me out.
thanks for the help .

24th Oct 2003, 22:27
Well done everyone, I got mine a month ago and still cant believe I passed them all, lol :O

Send Clowns
24th Oct 2003, 23:16
tropo, gabu

Apparently there is a process in hand to increase the number of exam centres. No timescale, I don't think a solution has even been chosen yet, but SRG at the CAA is aware of the problem.

Glad you made it TurboJ

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