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19th Oct 2003, 18:26
From RTE news:

October 19, 2003

(10:27) A KLM jumbo jet with 432 passengers on board made an emergency landing at Cork Airport shortly after 10.00am after declaring an emergency 250 miles off the west coast.

It is understood a fire broke out in the Boeing 747's cargo hold shortly before 9 o'clock.

The Captain subsequently reported that it had been brought under control by crew members, but it was decided to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport.

The plane was on route from Queen Beatrix International Airport on the Dutch-owned Carribean holiday resort of Aruba to Amsterdam when the fire broke out.

Emerngency fire crews and ambulances were on standby at Cork airport.

Any other details?

Tom the Tenor
19th Oct 2003, 19:23
I am not on site at the moment as I am at work to 1 pm BST. The KLM aircraft is parked on Cork's Stand 13 which is fairly remote. The chutes were not deployed getting the pax off the aeroplane. A KLM 767 is due in at 1400 Local to bring the pax back to Amsterdam. More details later if I can.

A/P Disc
19th Oct 2003, 19:39
According to Dutch media there was a false cargo
fire warning and a precautionairy landing was made
in Cork. Was a 747.
Passengers will be flown back to Amsterdam today.
412 Pax and 16 crew so that will not fit into a 767.


Tom the Tenor
19th Oct 2003, 23:27
The KLM 747-400 series, PH-BFN landed at Cork on runway 35 just after 10 am this morning. Taxiied under her own power to Stand 13. All passengers bussed off the aircraft to the on site Great Southern Hotel and to the Carrigaline Court Hotel just a few miles away from the airport.

Just before 3 pm a KLM 767-300 series laned at Cork with with engineeers and a relief flight and cabin crew and they boarded the 747 straight away. The origianal crew from this morning's KL734 boarded the 767 from their own aircraft. Were they on board all the time? I understand the warning indicator was still sounding from the cargo area up to around 3 pm - this is to the best of my knowledge and I cannot confirm the authenticity of the report.

The 767-300, PH-BZF is due to load with passengers bags and cargo and the 747 is due to continue to Amsterdam with passengers around 6 pm which may be just a little optimistic? Some passengers that are ultimately bound for UK destinations are being put on scheduled flights to Britain ex Cork.

Local councillor Tom O'Driscoll (not me by the way!) was on local radio praising the professional way Aer Rianta and Airport Fire Service handled this morning's emergency. A job very well done. Cork Airport did itself proud today.