View Full Version : Do women prefer bald men or men with hair ?

Northern Highflyer
17th Oct 2003, 19:16
Following on the recent tradition of having similar threads for each of the sexes, ladies what is your preference ?

Do you like the men with a good head of hair, or do bald men do it for you ?

17th Oct 2003, 19:44
Northern Highflyer

Personally, for the feel of it, I love relatively short hair on a guy, so you can run your fingers through it and it slips through easily.

However, for the look of it, I am voting for the "different styles suit different guys" answer.

Long hair can be great, but not if it's dirty or dreadlocks (sorry but I just can't bear them); any medium length is fine if it suits the wearer; and bald can be really sexy. Worth a mention for the definitely not category is that carefully combed few strands across the bald patch that some old guys do. Ghastly!!!

Elsewhere on the body? I don't mind either ways with hair elsewhere, legs, the body etc (provided it's not the mohair overcoat style).

17th Oct 2003, 20:39
Hmmm, short hair is just luverly!!!!! That gets my vote every time.

(but I agree with the hair must be clean comment, nothing worse than someone with greasy hair ! yuck!!!)

17th Oct 2003, 20:44
Short hair is nice, Long - yuck yuck yuck, Once there is more scalp than hair the remainder looks better if shorn very close. Bald can be very sexy as Jean luc Picard demonstrates extremely well.
Any colour as long as it's natural - a dash of salt and pepper is good.
None of that yucky styling gunk and I like that flattened 'crop circle' look at the back as in 'combed by a pillow'
My 2p's worth;)

17th Oct 2003, 20:57
I would rather have short and clean hair. Long and scruffy looking, no way, and not the doormat chest look. Bald still looks clean, and in older men looks very distinguished, so I supose anything but the girlie look on fellas. I like men to look like men. :p

Northern Highflyer
17th Oct 2003, 21:14
On the plus side, I pass on the short hair. :ok:

On the down side I fail miserably with the chest :{

I am off to one of those shaving threads to hide. I wish women liked chest hair - I never asked for it but am stuck with it. Then again if I shaved it all off and started scratching as it grew back, it would keep my hands busy and stop me readjusting other parts. :E

17th Oct 2003, 21:20
Good God don't shave it off! you'll look like a metro' - Hairy chests are just fine. Men should leave any body hair as nature intended:D

Northern Highflyer
17th Oct 2003, 21:29
Men should leave any body hair as nature intended

Except nasal hair. :hmm:

When I had an ecg for my medical they shaved patches for the electrodes. Made a few people laugh when they saw me afterwards.:}

you'll look like a metro'

No amount of beauty treatments would improve my dodgy mug.

17th Oct 2003, 23:23
Please, please PLEASE dont shave it off!!!!

I adore a hairy chest on a bloke (obviously :D )

Something very sexy about chest hair.

Ok, so now you all think I am odd, I'm off to hide again

:O :O

17th Oct 2003, 23:25
Your hairy chest will do it for me every time, Northern Highflyer
The shorter hair gets the thumbs up from me too but my very favourite look of all time is a guy with a bald head (natural or shaved) plus a small earring in one ear.

Mr. Diamond is halfway there with the shaved head but I still haven't been able to persuade him to get that earring!!!


17th Oct 2003, 23:31
Northern Highflyer

You mustn't feel like that. Chests are great because it isn't a problem whether they are hairy or quite the opposite, either is fine. I bet it suits you - so don't even think of trying to change. :ok:

17th Oct 2003, 23:35
I remember a certain ppruner having the most gorgeous long hair, long than mine at the time it was I think. We used to discuss hair care and products for ages. Then he got a conventional job and it had to go. He still has gorgeous hair but now spends something almost unbelievable on haircuts.

wink wink
17th Oct 2003, 23:41
Hair on your chest is perfectly fine but if its on your back......... shave it!

tony draper
17th Oct 2003, 23:59
Err, how does one exactly go about doing that WW.

18th Oct 2003, 00:19
The way things are developing with my head im glad people seem to like the bald look, does it still count if the look like the FA cup though??:(

18th Oct 2003, 02:34
Hey, this is great news !

I'll be in, either way.....

18th Oct 2003, 04:28
"God only created so many perfect heads, the rest he put hair on"

Who am I to disagree:ok:

Love bald heads and body hair makes a man very sexy :E

18th Oct 2003, 17:55
I remember a certain ppruner having the most gorgeous long hair PP - Is that the same one who now grows same hair on his chest instead? ;)

HEAD: Long hair on men does nothing for me. Lots of my friends disagree, but me, I like it short. Longer than 1" can be ok, but generally SHORT!!!

BODY: No thanks. :yuk:

18th Oct 2003, 21:45
Definitely WITH (on the head) :ok:

Onan the Clumsy
19th Oct 2003, 22:40
I read a letter in Penthouse once about a young lady who defilitely prefered bald men :ok:

She went into great and entertaining detail about the reasons why. Well just one reason really. :oh:

Northern Highflyer
20th Oct 2003, 18:45
I wasn't planning on shaving the old chest, might snag a n!pple for starters. Nice to see that not all ladies go for the Justin Timbersh!te boy band look. All those pleas from ladies not to change is enough to make a man blush. ;)

As for my back, I can't quite see it. Any volunteers wanna have a butchers ? :E

20th Oct 2003, 22:27
Anything to help out a fellow PPRuNer, Northern Highflyer ... I'll volunteer for the job.

:D :rolleyes: :E

Northern Highflyer
20th Oct 2003, 22:46

Your kindness has left me lost for words. Promise not to peek at my chest though. ;) :rolleyes:

This started off with heads and now were onto chests and backs. I hope it doesn't get any lower. :E

20th Oct 2003, 23:09
Northern Highflyer
Can I volunteer as well!!!!!!!!! :ooh:

Blue Diamond

It seems to be an Oz ladies thing to like men with body hair

:D :O :E

21st Oct 2003, 00:04
Northern Highflyer

No lower. If we did, you'd just start scratching (as it grew back, as you said earlier!!) and add that to the re-adjusting you've already admitted, and it would be a distraction!!!

21st Oct 2003, 00:08

Book a motel room for me now for Easter next year in Roma. :E

21st Oct 2003, 00:08
Short hair, definitely!

Hairy chest?

Yeah, is ok I suppose,.... it's a man thing innit! :E

Back hair?

Yuk!!!!!!!! :yuk:

21st Oct 2003, 00:27
i think the reason women dont like chest hair or body hair or long hair on men is that it goes way way back to caveman times when they didnt have proper soap so you cavemen would be full of parasites that lived in your hairs... so if you were a caveman and you came home after a long trip hunting you'd be infested, now what woman would be keen on that! ..

Onan the Clumsy
21st Oct 2003, 03:50
...I've met some that might be :ugh:

21st Oct 2003, 09:00
What is a maflsc to do :) a manly binoculars coming to Roma :uhoh:

Only one thing left to do, book motel room and go weak at the knees in anticipation. :ok: :E :)

Northern Highflyer
21st Oct 2003, 18:39
Just checked, no parasites on me so................form an orderly queue on the left. :O

Surely if a hairy caveman came home he would get "his woman" to clean him down ? Either that or he would hit her with his club and drag her by her hair into his cave (after he had his dinosaur steak and chips of course). :\ :}

21st Oct 2003, 18:45
i like a caveman with a sense of purpose!

22nd Oct 2003, 06:42
Got my hair cut this evening, No. 3 all over. Ms. Luggage very appreciative :ok:

(All right. What's left of it got a No. 3 :{ )

22nd Oct 2003, 09:02
Perhaps Mrs Luggage another appreciater of the chance run fingers through such length hair and feel the hair caressing between the fingers, while her hand feels the contours of the well-shapen head......

22nd Oct 2003, 13:08
I remember a certain ppruner having the most gorgeous long hair, long than mine at the time it was I think. We used to discuss hair care and products for ages. Then he got a conventional job and it had to go. He still has gorgeous hair but now spends something almost unbelievable on haircuts.

I know who. It's a shame he cut his hair.

I have to say I prefer men with long hair, because it's sexy.;)

22nd Oct 2003, 20:57
AB and twilightsglow. Yes, that's the one.

22nd Oct 2003, 21:35
Must say I love long hair but not the hairy chest thing it looked awful on my ex-wife:E
Then again she reckons skin looks awful on me:confused:

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