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7th Dec 2001, 21:17
On the Jepp PANS OPS Chart 11-1 to SAZN, there is some ambiguity. The note at the top of the page says "Trans level: By ATC" and "Trans alt: 3600 (2705)". So far, so good.

On the map view of the approach chart, the words "Trans level" appear in the holding pattern graphic. On the profile view, the words "FL by ATC" appear next to the VOR symbol.

It's my opinion that as long as you are in the hold, you'd be on 29.92. That's what the note leads me to belive, anyway.

Can anyone familiar with the area confirm this?


sudden Winds
9th Dec 2001, 08:17
Iīve flown the approach and this is what I understand.

The lowest altitude at which you can fly the holding pattern is the transition level (thatīs why it says "trans level" in the plan view, inside the holding), however, you normally enter the hold at a higher FL due to other A/C flying the approach or already holding. As the A/C flying the approach lands or reports a missed, the following A/C is cleared for the approach. At that time every A/C holding is cleared to descend 1,000 ft (thatīs why it says "FL by ATC". ATC assigns FLs to maintain while holding.

Do you travel to Argentina ?
What A/C do you fly ?

10th Dec 2001, 09:00
Thanks, DB, that's just what I was looking for. We may start flying down there in our DC-8s. Trying to do a little pre-planning.

11th Dec 2001, 21:56
Quid, If you've never flown to Argentina be careful when you fly to some areas because air-traffic controllers don't have a good command of English and in many airspaces no radar service is provided. A good understanding of Spanish can help you a lot. :eek: