View Full Version : Trimble 2101 GPS

22nd Aug 2001, 20:46
Can anyone tell me if there is a program available on CD similar to the GNSX user simulation. I have the operation manual however there is nothing like the real thing to practice on. Thanks

23rd Aug 2001, 11:14
Dunno about Trimble, but you can get a free download of the Garmin 530 simulator on Garmin's 530 site. (http://www.garmin.com/products/gns530/)

A and C
23rd Aug 2001, 18:57
I dont think that you can get a training program for this bit of kit ironicly its the one gps that needs one bigtime because it is without doubt the worst gps on the market to use.

23rd Aug 2001, 20:47
There used to be a product availble - maybe it still is?

They had a downloadable demo version at one time, but with the demise of their aviation products, there seems to be no trace of it on their website.

If money is no object, these folks have a Trimble 2000 (identical to 2101 except size) add-on to their range of IFR computer sims;


23rd Aug 2001, 23:54
Thanks for the info..I am on my way to the site..fingers crossed