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7th Oct 2003, 09:59
Anyone care to share information about cost of living in Dubai for a family of 4? How much can you save? What about the education standards and health care? :confused:

Thanks for the info.

7th Oct 2003, 14:40
Dubai has become a very expensive place to live and continues to do so at a fairly rapid pace. I know it probably compares with Europe however at the present rate of inflation it will be more expensive than Europe in the near future. A FO will not have much chance of saving anything unless he is single with no kids or the wife has a good job. Once there are a wife and kids in the equation I do not know of anyone who finds it possible to save much.
The schooling is generally of a good standard however it can be difficult if not impossible to get your kids into some of the chosen schools.

cyclops camel
7th Oct 2003, 17:24
Take anyone's advice on their monthly living expenses.
Double it and you'll be in the ballpark.

7th Oct 2003, 17:34
This site seems to be authentic, and up-to-date:
Living in Dubai (http://www.expatmum.com/pr_dubai.htm)

7th Oct 2003, 21:33
If you are getting a package from your employer where your accomodation, kids education, trips home, electricity, and water is paid for, then considering the 0% tax rate you can save bucketloads. As soon as you are paying for accomodation or education then that takes a huge chunk out of your salary.

For a guide you can stay in outer Dubai in a Villa for around 50-60,000 dirhams (don't know what that is in other currencies) per year rent. If you want to live where the rich people like to live and be in Jumeirah (beachside suburb in Dubai) you'll be looking at 100,000 dh's for a villa. You will pay close to 30,000 dirhams a year per child to go to a good school.

So as you can see education and accomodation are the killers, but as I said if they are included in your employment package I say you can save heaps here. Food is reasonably cheap, beer and alcohol in general are on the steep side but not ridiculously expensive. Anyway good luck.

13th Oct 2003, 18:42
Most of it is good advise ….. but always remember, get the hole package …. Sponsor to pay…. Accommodation, schooling, electricity, water, tickets home (For the entire family), transportation.... and very important stay out of the high class places, most of the usual customers are wealthy …. Very wealthy, we cannot pay the prices…
Good place to live in these conditions, if not, look somewhere else…
Hope you can make it….


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